Schoolyard Skywatch Friday

Schoolyard Sky topaz glow 78pct

Tuesday night was cool and overcast so we took the dogs on a walk. We took a detour over to the neighborhood elementary school with their mile long swing set. Kids certainly love to swing including our kid who is a high school junior. What the heck why not?


Go for it kid is what I say.

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16 thoughts on “Schoolyard Skywatch Friday

  1. sylviakirk

    I agree with Ladyfi, I still love to swing, too!! And that first capture is awesome indeed!! Gorgeous skies!! Hope you and your family have a beautiful day and weekend!!

  2. kayni

    yes, swing high and swing low! makes me remember how fun it was to swing and just to be a kid once again.

  3. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Keep on swingin I say! Porch swings were probably invented just so grownups could have an excuse to keep doing what they enjoyed as kids. (I used to belong to an early morning walking club for ‘vintage’ ladies — and when we went through a playground we always tried out the swing and slides. (Usually the small ones weren’t up that early.)

  4. Christa

    The first photo is fabulous. I really like your perspective. The sky is amazing. I don’t think you grow out of swinging.

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