Destin, Florida – A long time ago

I am still scanning our old film photographs. I’m doing about four of five rolls a day. Doesn’t sound like much but it is,  especially the tagging and sorting so I can find these things out of my over 40,000 pics on Flickr. This morning I scanned pics from our beach trip to Florida back in October 2001. Great thing about a kid not in school yet is that you can take trips on off peak times.


Here is Logan the sand castle destroyer waiting for dad to build another target for him to stomp on.


He has always been a happy little bugger.  He especially likes the game of making a monkey out of dad.


Here he is with his mother. They have always had a special bond.


I had forgotten about this. We went to something called the Gulafarium and after watching the dolphins and seals do there thing we got our photo taken with one of the performers.

Do you like looking at old photos? I sure do.

7 thoughts on “Destin, Florida – A long time ago

  1. Christina

    Yes, I love looking at old photos. I haven’t scanned many of my old film photos, but I have them somewhat organized, by state, since we moved several times with job transfers!

  2. sylviakirk

    Precious captures!! I started blogging just a couple of years after this and yours was one of the first blogs I followed!! Fun memories! And he is a precious one — then and now!! Thanks for sharing!! Hope all of you have a lovely weekend!!

  3. NatureFootstep Photo

    wow, you gave yourself a full time job! Think of it, in the old days we did not take much images. What if people should try to keep up with todays images. Don´t think it is possible.

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