Scavenger Hunt Sunday – Summer Fun Edition

1. Summer Fun

DSCN3927Here I am on a beach on Kauai. I have never seen so many beaches as what Hawaii has. How come they have so many and Oklahoma has so few? It isn’t fair is what I say.

2. Sleepy #good_night everybody #sleeping #dogsThis is our Maltese ShiTzu mix, Abby. She likes a pillow. It is funny how dogs are different. 3. A sign _DSC0777 Here is Heather giving me the hang loose sign. I can’t make the sign. I guess that means I can’t hang loose. I get pretty close though.4. Starts with B

_DSC0268How about “Baby Donkey?” This is Roscoe, if you are observant you can tell he is a boy. I love his hairdo.

5. My Weekend DSCN4207

Hey you know, my favorite weekends are hanging out with these two.

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12 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday – Summer Fun Edition

  1. Birdman

    We love cruising, especially in the Caribbean. Once you cruise, you are addicted in my book Even a 12 step program might not work. “My name is Birdman and I’m a cruiseaholic…”

  2. EG CameraGirl

    You are one very lucky guy to have those two to hang out with! Yep, with all that coastline around Oklahoma, you’d think there’d be more sandy beaches. Sheesh!

  3. Barb

    I think Hawaii is hogging the beaches – we don’t have any in CO either! Heather is as photogenic as ever. That donkey (could it be a Burro?) is cute.

  4. Janie of Utah

    Yes, I believe ocean beaches should be evenly distributed throughout the states. No fair if some states hog them all. That baby donkey is the cutest!

  5. Rebecca

    Looks like a nice, relaxing time on the beach! I’ve always wondered what the thumb and pinky sign was. I always thought it meant good luck. Aw, the baby donkey is so cute.
    Have a good week!

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