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2021 Tulsa State Fair

Something about Ferris Wheels!

I was going to pass on the Tulsa State Fair because of the pandemic but I thought I go early on a weekday and stay outside as much as possible and wear a mask when I go indoors. So that’s what I did Wednesday. I got there early before the midway opened up the rides so I got to see a lot of things without being around too many people.


They had a double decker merry-go-round. That is something you do not see every day.


A lot of younger kids were showing off their livestock.


And some older kids as well.


Cows were well represented.

And for a brain teaser, how about table with chains for legs. The chain links are not welded together. They are just regular chains. And the table is pretty stable. I had to study on it a little bit.

And there were lots of awards for the various crafts they made.

So I spent a couple hours, walked three miles, saw lots of stuff, drank a couple of beers and went home. (I’m not into so called fair food.)

Do you to fairs where you live?

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Special Bonus Photo!!


A drone photo from over my house at sunset looking north. So its really kind of a reverse sunset.

A New Day – Joe Biden’s Inaugauration – 2021

Joe Biden
Public Domain photo by Jack Boardman on Flickr

What a grand Inauguration we Americans had today to celebrate the election of Joe Biden as President and Kamala Harris as Vice President on the same site that two weeks earlier a mob had invaded the Capitol and beat to death a policeman and injured many more.

U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris speaks at L.A.'s Families Belong Together March
Public Domain Photograph by Luke Harold on Flickr, Los Angeles, CA 2018

Today though all traces of that was erased except for the thousands of National Guardsman and Police present to protect the event from more treasonous attacks.

Photo by Library of Congress in Public Domain, March 2020

We had some great speeches and some great songs by J-Lo and Lady Gaga but as an Oklahoman I was especially proud of Garth Brooks showing up in his Cowboy Tux, boots, jeans, and a sport coat with a big huge belt buckle.

As stirring and emotional as all that was it was Amanda Gorman, our National Youth Poet Laureate, gave a huge performance of her poem, “The Hill we Climb.” What a huge young talent she is and so poised in her delivery.

It was also great to see the previous Presidents mingling together afterwards. The Obama’s, the Bush’s, and the Clintons all seem to get along well together fine. Too bad that Jimmy Carter couldn’t make it. And Mike Pence, our former VP, showed a lot of class today by showing up.

President Biden went right to work issuing a bunch of Executive Orders.

I am thinking all this today is a good thing.