2021 Tulsa State Fair

Something about Ferris Wheels!

I was going to pass on the Tulsa State Fair because of the pandemic but I thought I go early on a weekday and stay outside as much as possible and wear a mask when I go indoors. So that’s what I did Wednesday. I got there early before the midway opened up the rides so I got to see a lot of things without being around too many people.


They had a double decker merry-go-round. That is something you do not see every day.


A lot of younger kids were showing off their livestock.


And some older kids as well.


Cows were well represented.

And for a brain teaser, how about table with chains for legs. The chain links are not welded together. They are just regular chains. And the table is pretty stable. I had to study on it a little bit.

And there were lots of awards for the various crafts they made.

So I spent a couple hours, walked three miles, saw lots of stuff, drank a couple of beers and went home. (I’m not into so called fair food.)

Do you to fairs where you live?

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Special Bonus Photo!!


A drone photo from over my house at sunset looking north. So its really kind of a reverse sunset.

22 thoughts on “2021 Tulsa State Fair

  1. Amy Franks

    I’m a big wuss when it comes to going on funfair rides, I’d much prefer to be watching the cattle shows – they are called A & P shows here.

  2. Ellen M Polyard

    You’re lucky the OK State Fair is this time of the year. In CO it’s in August and it’s always so dang hot. We spent so much time with Jillian at county and state fairs that we got a little burned out over the years. We haven’t been in a few years but now that Irv is retired maybe we can visit on the slower days in the middle of the week. I always enjoy your fair pictures. That carousel is very unique!

  3. Emille (Jesh)

    Your drone image is beautiful. Wow, the individual booths of the Ferris wheel are so big – never seen anything like this one. Cute, when they show their live stock. Don’t know if they have anything like this around here… have to investigate – great post, Allan! Thanks for hosting and have a lovely weekend, Emille (Jesh)

  4. Peter B.

    Yes, something magical about Ferris Wheels, and state fairs in general. That table is a head scratcher. I can’t see what the trick is to keep it stable.

  5. Carol

    I haven’t gone to a big event like a fair but where ever I go, I wear a mask and go early. You have to beat the crowds. Like your fair photos. I always enjoy the animals.

  6. Nancy Chan

    I love merry go round when I was a kid but haven’t been on a double decker one. Haven’t been to a local fair for many, many years. Stunning sunset shot taken by your drone. Happy weekend.

  7. Alana

    Very nice sunset capture. Enjoyed your photos and happy you were able to get out and enjoy safely. I’ve gone to the New York State Fair (about 80 minutes from here, and we only have the one state fair – it’s in late August) several times. I don’t do midway; I’m there mostly for the arts and crafts, the baked potato (don’t ask; it’s a tradition and is so, so good) and, a 2pm free concert (I’ve seen Herman’s Hermits twice). I didn’t go this year. They cancelled a number of the indoor events out of caution and the parking (which had to be purchased online this year) was so weird I never could figure out how to purchase. (the 800 help line was perpetually busy so must be I wasn’t the only one with difficulty).

  8. bill burke

    Looks like a fun time. We have carnivals that travel around the country and they set up the rides. That happens in late summer but we haven’t had any for two years due to covid. Great photos and skies, thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Pat

    Fun photos! The State Fair in Colorado was a big hit this year –lots of attendance–but we did not travel down to Pueblo to attend it. I am hoping to attend the stock show in January in Denver–it has been canceled two years due to the pandemic. I like to go to the opening parade outdoors –fun to see long-horned cattle roaming down a Denver street!

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