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Skywatch Friday – Mid November Edition 2022

drone 01_HDR

It looked like a nice sky was possible at dusk the other day so I launched the drone and captured this image. Looking west from south Tulsa.

I went and voted Tuesday morning along with millions of fellow citizens. The highlight was a lady come in to vote. She was 100 years old and very spry. She said Truman was the first President she ever voted for. I loved it. Saw this tree just off the parking lot of my polling place.

I love the trees at Tulsa’s Lafortune Park.

A view from the Ridge Trail on Turkey Mountain looking east out over the Arkansas River and south Tulsa.

A rainbow in our neighborhood.

Some fall color in my mother-in-law’s neighborhood.

And now an image generated by Artificial Intelligence based on the text string I inputted which is below the image. Go generate your images for free at freeimagegenerator.com.

AI mountain lake with fall colors
“mountain lake in the fall with trees fall colors photorealistic”

I’m still trying to decide whether I like AI images or not.

I’m linking with Skywatch Friday. Come join in the fun.