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ABC Wednesday – F is for…

F is for Falls…


These Falls are on the Snake River in the town of Idaho Falls, Idaho.

F is for Fawns


I found this Fawn at Yellowstone Bear World near Idaho Falls.

F is for Flag…


This Flag is flying at Holy Family Cathedral here in Tulsa. Years ago I was taking a similar photo when some busybody stopped me and informed me that it was illegal to take photos of a church without permission of a church member. I told her that some guy had given me permission already. She asked me what his name was, and I told her that I didn’t ask him. Am I going to Hell for lying?

The lady huffed off but the Cathedral is beautiful and even more importantly is a vital and dynamic part of life in Tulsa.

F is for Fountains


I found this Fancy Fountain in Kansas City a few years ago. I come to find out that Kansas City is famous for its fountains.

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Walking to the Gym


My old gym went out of business a few months ago. And so I rejoined a gym that I used to belong to until seven years ago. The gym is run by a Methodist church and just like a Methodist Church they still had me on their files and gave me my original member number back. When members show up you have to fill out the log, name, member number, time, and planned activity. We Methodists are fiends for documentation;


Anyways its about a 3/4 mile walk from the office. I have noticed the past couple months that our homeless people are increasingly sitting down and laying down on the sidewalks. Just the left of the photo above there was a guy sitting down on the sidewalk blocking everything but about a foot wide strip of concrete. I walked right past him and he asked me how I was doing, Great! I said, and you? He was doing great also. I felt like saying, then get your butt off the sidewalk dude.

So what is up with sprawling on the sidewalks?


Hey I crossed the street and come to Cathedral Square which is actually a City of Tulsa park. I love the fountain.


And it has the fanciest wrought iron benches in town.


And I came to my favorite tree. Sometimes I feel as old as it looks.

So, what did you do today?

Shadows and Reflections


It was colder than you know what today and the windy was up but I bundled up and went on a walk today. The sky was clear and I was enjoying the sun. My employer has a new plaza in front of the building and I love it. It replaced a lot of odd 1980’s planters and design features with and open concept area with shade and seating areas with interesting shadows. See the light areas above? They are supposed to look like natural gas flames like on a stove or a gas light. Yeah, I know you gotta use your imagination. Since I work for a gas company I think that it is a nice touch. Too bad they don’t have some gas fireplaces out there.


I went to the north end of downtown. I like the reflections of our all glass city hall on the back of the performing arts center. It gave the the all beige concrete exterior a little “liquidy” look. Liquidy is a word in Oklahoma, just so you know.


This is our brand new state of the art drunk driver proof fountain at Bartlett Square.  You know the Bartlett Square with the Circle Drive (or roundabout, my British readers may say). It is all so confusing to me. It must be confusing to drunk drivers also because our two previous conventional fountains got totalled by the drunks ramming into them at night. This new one has a low profile so they can drive right over it plus it has flashing lights. We cater to our drunks here in Oklahoma.

You can see how cold it is. At high noon there is still a lot of ice around the fountain.

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