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Wordless Wednesday – The Anarchists of Anonymous


Guy Fawkes Day – Tulsa Oklahoma

Anonymous – “a loosely associated international network of activist and hacktivist entities. A website nominally associated with the group describes it as “an internet gathering” with “a very loose and decentralized command structure that operates on ideas rather than directives”.[2] The group became known for a series of well-publicized publicity stunts anddistributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on government, religious, and corporate websites.” (quoted from Wikipedia)

Update: Anonymous has declared War on ISIS after the Paris attacks

Hacktivist Schmucks

We had a protest going here in Tulsa early this week.

Hacktivist Protest?

We had these guys on a street corner in downtown Tulsa. I asked them what the deal is and they said that the individual named on the sheet was guilty of embezzlement. He’s a city counselor and I googled him and could find no mention of anything remotely illegal or unethical or anything else.

Couple that with a slogan written on a white board at work in a seldom used conference room:

“We are Anonymous.

We are Legion. We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us”

So this intrigued me. The slogan and the Guy Fawkes masks are associated with a group called Anonymous. They are called Hacktivists because they use the internet as an alternate form of protest.

November fifth, the day I took the pic was the day of the Million Mask March when all the members were supposed to get their masks on and go public. Ironically it was the day after the elections here in the USA and I wonder how many of these guys bothered to vote.

Sorry dudes, I think your anonymous protest accusing without any substantiation somebody with embezzlement is total crap. I guess that you have the right to stand on a corner with your bedsheet sign but do you really want people to take you seriously? And writing kind of halfway threatening  messages on whiteboards? Creepy! It reminds me of people who put religious tracts in the stalls of restrooms.

So what do you think? Do you know any hacktivists? Are you a hacktivist?

Turkey Mountain – Still Saying No to the Mall


Since the controversy erupted about Simon Properties‘ plans to put an 800,000 square foot outlet mall on Turkey Mountain you would think that all there is on Turkey Mountain is trails. Goodness knows there are trails on Turkey Mountain.


There are big wide trails and there are very faint, barely used, tracks through the grass and brush and everything in between.


The trails are used by runners, walkers, hikers, bikers, and even a few unicyclers. There is a lot more than trails on Turkey Mountain. Yep.


There are petroglyphs. I had heard about them and it took me a while to find but I finally found them.


Some say they were made by the vikings way back when or the Celts. Who knows. I think such things are a lot more interesting than anything I have found in an outlet mall.


What do you think?


I’ll tell you something else that goes on up on the mountain. Logan and I went up there to check our geocache in an area called Rock City. We found a several guys up there with their radio controlled jeeps negotiating the rocks. It was pretty darned interesting watching them maneuver their cars around the various obstacles.


Now that beats the pants off an outlet mall any day. Well guess what. I’m not really sure but if that mall goes in I am thinking that Rock City will be part of the mall. Yep, the best you can hope for is a Nike discount store. Buy two get a third half off is my motto.

Rock City Collage 2

Do you know what else goes on up there. Geocaching and geocaching is all about families and being outside and adventure.  Kiss that goodbye also.


And you know something else, geocaching is all about whimsy and serendipity. You won’t find any elves doors at the mall. Not one you could afford anyway. This one is free. It is on a pretty darn steep slope. Find the cache with one hand and hold for dear life with other is the method I recommend.

Oklahoma Rock

Know what else? How about an Oklahoma Rock? It is probably safe from the bulldozers, for now at least. You know how it is, haters have to hate, and developers have to develop. It’s in the Bible somewhere. I think.


The thing about Turkey Mountain is that is not a real wilderness. It has old abandoned farms, cisterns, fields, and lots of oilfield. I think it used to be kind of an outlaw kind of place that is slowly going back to nature. If only we would let it.


There are lots of ghosts up on the mountain. You can almost see them at certain times late in the evening when almost everbody has gone home. There is an air of mystery about it.


Anyway Turkey Mountain is unique. A wilderness within sight of downtown. It is important to keep it that way. An outlet mall can go anywhere. If you think we need one of course. We’ve been doing fine without is my opinion. Here is a little more information on the matter.

And here is a Online Petition opposing the location of the mall. Check it out.

And here is some information about the George Kaiser Family Foundation regarding their property on Turkey Mountain. They own 139 acres and pledge not to develop it. Lots of people thought that the acquisition happendd this week and that the mall is prevented. Actually, if I understand correctly, they have owned the property for some time. I guess that I have a little take on their announcement. I see it as a head nod to Simon to go ahead and send the bulldozers in, we won’t oppose you. I guess I’m a little cynical maybe. The Foundation has been really good to Tulsa They are a great supporter of the Turkey Mountain but I detect a note of surrender in their announcement.  The foundation is putting together a mammoth park project on the River Parks called A Gathering Place for Tulsa. It will cost over $300 million and will be wonderful. Check out the Link.

And here is the City Council and Tulsa Mayor web sites. Drop’em a line. Let them know how you feel.

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