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Skywatch Friday – Dogwalk in the Greenbelt Edition

Skywatch Powerlines
I don’t live out in the country or spend much time on a beach or anywhere else where I have unimpeded views of the sky.  I live in the burb’s of south Tulsa so my views of the sky are pretty messed up I guess. I’ve got powerlines and telephone lines and light poles and cell phone towers, ugly ass bradford pear trees, and my neighbors houses, and all sorts of other stuff occluding my view.  I don’t worry about it though, that is where I live for good or bad. I’ll pick my shots to avoid the as much as the noise that I can and go with it .

I don’t worship unfiltered SOOC images either. I use all sorts of filters, effects, and treatments. Sorry about that but often the image doesn’t match what I see. I don’t even know what SOOC means any more with all the in camera processing available now.

Anyhow we were on a family dog walk in the greenbelt the other night and the sun was going down but I had all these powerlines in the way but what the heck!!

How about you? Do you go for the pure shot or settle for less?

Skywatch Friday

Skywatch Friday – Sunrise Secret


I went running earlier this week at Lafortune Park here in Tulsa. It is a huge complex with playgrounds, picnic grounds, batting cages, an American Legion ballpark, two golf courses, a library, fancy croquet courts, tennis courts, and a high school complete with a football stadium and yet another baseball stadium, and some nice ponds and fountains, all linked together by a popular three mile running/walking/strolling/waddling trail that I use frequently.

It was a sticky morning and when I finished I needed a little extra cool down walking time and so I walked over to the ponds behind the library and saw the “same old thing” in a new way so I pulled out my trusty old free, Pantech generic no-name phone and used its HDR camera to take a pic.

Have you seen something old in a new way before.

Skywatch Friday