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Shadow Shot Sundays – Late Summer

It has been a long time to participate in Shadow Shot Sunday. Anytime is a good time to restart right?

I have been working a volunteer gig where I evaluate trail pavement conditions. I sure like the sections of the trail with big trees for shade.

I looked up the stairs one morning and saw this funky shadow. I used the Hipstamatic app to make it a little more arty. I am not sure I succeeded.


Last week I attended a fly-in at the Will Rogers Birthplace Ranch. The thing about fly-ins is that they are at airfields and they are not known for shade. Lots of the pilots with aircraft with overhead wings were sitting underneath the wing. I stood under a few wings myself.

So like I said, I am linking with Shadow Shot Sunday hosted by the Magical Mystery Teacher. Go check it out.

Our World – 2020 Wiley Post/Will Rogers Fly-In

Sorry for the bad shot!!

Saturday I ventured up to the Will Rogers Birthplace Ranch near Oolagah, Oklahoma where the annual Wiley Post/Will Rogers Fly-was taking place. The event is to remember the day that Wiley Post and Will Rogers died in an airplane crash near Point Barrow, Alaska on August 15, 1935.


Wiley Post was a famous aviator back before World War II. Among other things he was the first pilot to fly solo around the world. He discovered the jet stream and was the inventor of the pressure suit used in high altitude flying.


Will Rogers is like Mr. Oklahoma. He did everything, vaudeville, movie acting, broadway star, comedian, author, newspaper columnist. He had all sorts of quips including his most famous, “I never met a man I didn’t like.” He was born in Oklahoma near Oolagah and was a member of the Cherokee Tribe.


This fly-in has been going on for some time. I read an article that this is the 35th year.


Anybody is welcome to fly-in to the 2000 foot grass airstrip. They were all single engine planes including a news station helicopter that landed for a short while


The planes were all older, some of them hand built by the owner/pilots and they were all extremely small. Not too many younger pilots present. They all looked to be in their 60’s and above.


I loved the art work on some of the planes. They went from nice and innocent.


To a more worldly theme.


And everything in between.


This is my favorite. You ever see a more shapely bee butt?


Back to the aircraft.


There were a few biplanes.


This is one of the hand built ones.


Another view of the bumble bee.


Some of the planes had the huge soft tires and it looked they could take off in just a few hundred feet.


There were well over a hundred airplanes there. They come in and land kind of early and starting around 11 am they head out. I asked why and was told it’s August, it’s hot, and none of these aircraft have air conditioning. Okay, I get it. Last time I attended, I lolly gagged around and got there just as everybody was leaving. Don’t be that guy!!

Because of the Covid situation I didn’t tour the house on the grounds. The Ranch is great the rest of the year and has hardly any visitors so show up and take a look. The home is wonderful and is decorated in period style.

I am linking this week with Our World Tuesday.