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Bike Ride on the River Video

I have not run since November last year when my doctor advised that I limit myself to just 5K’s and other short runs. He told me that my “tread was thin” and to take it easy. So I have walked a lot but not run. Instead I am riding my bicycle a lot more. At least once a week if the weather is halfway decent.

Here is a video I made of a recent ride up and down the Arkansas River here in Tulsa. A distance of about 15.5 miles. The entire ride probably took about an hour and a half but my off brand gopro ran out of juice so I probably got about 10 miles in. I edited it down to about 6 minutes and you can speed it up even further by hitting the gear looking “settings” icon on the lower right corner of the video, clicking “speed” and you should be able to double the speed and halve the time.

Video is a lot different from photo files. Mainly in the size of the files you use and how long it takes to upload. I record the videos in 3 minute segments in my off brand go pro and then splice them together with iMovie on my cell phone. It takes a while to move the files from the camera to the phone, and then from the phone to YouTube. I am figuring out that speeding up the video speed earlier in the process can speed things up. IMovie can only speed it up by two. I’m experimenting with an app called Splice that can speed it up by a factor of six. Not all videos need to be speeded up but I am trying to create a time lapse effect.

Anyways I know watching six minute video is painful so of course bail out anytime. If you have any helpful hints that would be great.

A Day Off, a Fight, and Yogi Flips Out, Again

My employer started a pilot project this past summer to test a 9-80 work schedule. We work 80 hours over 9 days and get every other Friday off. My group was one of the groups that tested it. It met with near unanimous approval from the employees and the middle managers and executives didn’t think it negatively affected the work we were doing or relations with customers so they have extended the pilot until February or so when they intend to make it available to almost the whole company.

It was great during the summer but it has really been great since SuperPizzaBoy started school. Isn’t that selfish? Sweetie and I drop his little hiney off and then we go run and do. Yesterday we drove to downtown Tulsa to the Blue Dome Diner and I had their blueberry pecan pancakes. I big stack of three, each as large as a dinner plate. I get a box and put half of them in the box, so as soon as I finish this post, I’m having more pancakes.

Then we did some errands and shopping. We went to Gardner’s Used Books at 4421 South Mingo in Tulsa. SPB hates the place but we love it so we got to spend some time there. Check out their link. They have about 10,000 items you can order online but they are listed in no particular order. Fun for browsing. The store itself has its books very well organized and the staff are readers and know instantly where something might be if you ask.

I found the hulk at Gardners. Notice Captain Kirk’s chair behind the hulk. I tried to get my Trekkie wife to sit in it so I could take a picture. But she wouldn’t!


While we were out and about my wife Sweetie, who loves me very much, bought me a new Flip camera phone. Isn’t she a darling? My one or two readers may remember that a therapist at SPB’s school loaned us a camera for a little while. I took it in under protective custody but Sweetie and the therapist made me give it back. I planned on giving it back, eventually, sometime, but they got very rude about it. But now, thanks to my wife, who I love very much, I have my own. It is still a solution in search of a problem for me and I’m experimenting with it.

A fountain at Hunter Park during a walk with our dogs yesterday.

SPB looking for a video yesterday.

Our dog Ginger

Speaking of Ginger. She and our other dog Abby are pretty good friends. They sometimes get a little cranky with each other but they always make up.


Our two cats don’t get along at all. We have a big old fat cat, Chrissy who is queen of the household. She doesn’t put with much from anybody, especially me. We have a male kitty, LJ who will be a year in November. He puffs up and tries to exert himself but he gets no respect from anybody, especially Chrissy. Chrissy will just stand up and go over and kick his butt just to show that she can. I didn’t have my Flip handy when the latest blowup occurred.




Poor LJ.

Bikes, Flags, and a Fountain

I’m still experimenting with the Flip Video Camera I stole borrowed from one of SuperPizzaBoy’s teachers. I’ll give it back to her one of these days, maybe. I took it on a run on the river Wednesday night after work. I capatured these images.

A bunch of bikers on Riverside Drive. I only got the tail end of them.

A large US Flag flying at half mast (for the late Senator Edward Kennedy.) I love our United States flag flying in the breeze!

The next day I took on a jaunt downtown. I stopped at a fountain at a new park downtown. I love water fountains!

appreciate your indulgence as I try and figure this ingenious device out. It has wonderful possibilities.