Skywatch Friday – More Droning On


After basically a month of no clouds except blue sky we are finally getting some weather. So if the winds are down I launch my drone from my back yard to catch the clouds.


Evening is best when you get a little color in the sky.


This is looking east at the back side of a storm system that came through.

Patio Hdr

We had a quick rainstorm pass through Thursday morning. Here’s our back patio afterward. Nice to see all that water!!

Drone Shots

I took my drone to my MIL’s house who lives not too far away and launched it during the middle of the day. I love big old fat clouds against a blue sky.

Drone Shots

Hey somebody in a swimming pool. No, I am not spying somebody. That’s son Logan in MIL’s swimming pool. It’s a great place to hang out on a hot day.


Here he is when he was four years old. Is there anything sweeter or more rambunctious than a four year old?

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21 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – More Droning On

  1. Eileen


    We could use some rain here. Great photos from your drone. The pool looks nice, sweet shot of your son .

    The kiddies grow up so fast! Thanks for hosting. Have a great day and happy weekend ahead.

  2. Barb

    Your patio and gardens are lovely. Lucky to have a M-i-L with a pool! I love the skies after a storm. We still hope for rain here – nothing until next week.

  3. Nancy Chan

    You have a lovely patio and garden. We have rain these few days and the weather is very much cooler. Our air conditioner can rest for a while. Great view from your drone. That is a cute boy!

  4. A ShutterBug Explores

    What a great way to ‘drone on’ during this pandemic ~ Sweet photo of your son at 4 and him in the pool looks so inviting ~ ^_^

    Be Safe, Be Well,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  5. Peter B.

    Wonderful shots. Everything looks different at drone altitude! I like the shot looking down at the swimming pool. Logan was a cute little guy!

  6. Alana

    If there is any rain left after you share it with your other commenters, could you send it to me? And oh, that swimming pool is so appealing right now.

  7. JM Illinois U.S.A.

    It finally rained here day before yesterday at night. We had the whole works lightening, rain, high winds. Still hot and muggy day-by-day in the 90s. A warm up is in the 80s. LOL. I agree, 4 years old nothing like them. Glad he could go swimming. I can tell you are enjoying that drone. What a lovely patio!

  8. klara

    ohlala, 1. what a patio, 2. what a great chill out place chez MIL, your new toy gets a lot of use. have a great weekend.

  9. Sallie

    Sweet memories! Our oldest “once upon a time four years old” turned 62 today. I have no idea how that could have happened.

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