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Skywatch Friday – RWD Water Tower

Water Tower RWD  edit

Sunday afternoon I dropped Logan off at his friends house out in the middle of nowhere and then took off across the countryside geocaching and picture taking. Many places out in the country here have Rural Water Districts that provide water for the residences which is nice so you don’t have depend on well water. You will see water towers like this one scattered across the countryside on hill tops.

I didn’t find many geocaches but I got to get out in the countryside and that made everything okay. Its all good!

Skywatch Friday

Water Tower Wednesday – Haskell Haymakers

One of my favorite bloggers Daryl Edelstein of “Out and About in New York City” posts photographs and commentary of various water towers she has found in New York City over the years. Every building over a certain, not very high, height has to have one and there are lots of tall buildings in NYC so she has lots of material.

So I’ve always been jealous of her rooftop water towers. We don’t have many of those in Oklahoma. In fact I don’t think that I have ever seen even one! But you know I have to go with what I have and what I have are a couple of towers in Haskell, Oklahoma that I found on a recent geocaching trip. Daryl is posting photographs of three water towers today. I found only two towers but I’m posting two photographs of each so I think that I’m ahead.

Haskell Water Tower 1

Haskell has population of about 2000 people. Does that mean that you need one water tower per thousand people? Would one of you check on that and get back to me? See, here you are reading my humble little blog and you already have a homework assignment. It’s due tomorrow! I’ll be checking.

Haskell Water Tower 1 - second shot

The Haymakers refers to the local football high school. I am not sure how good they are but their web presence needs a little help. All I saw was the 2011 football schedule and a link to a photograph of the 2013 team. I hope that their team is better than their webmaster.  You know how hot it is here in Oklahoma during practice at the beginning of school? It is darned hot is hot it is. They deserve a little more recognition.

Haskell Water Tower #2


Oh well, the school year has barely just started. Lets cut them some slack.



This weekend I am going to my first High School Football Game since 1970, 43 years ago. I’m looking forward to it. Logan’s new school has a football team so this will be a first for us. Go Patriots!! And go Haymakers!!!

When was the last time you went to a High School Football game?