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Skywatch Friday – First Run of the Year on Turkey Mountain

Sunset Turkey Mountain

Daylight savings time is here and so I went running on Turkey Mountain after work for the first time since the Fall. I loved it. It was very windy and cold down on the river trails where I had been running but the woods on the mountain cut the wind to nothing. I did a slow and comfortable 3 miles or so and stopped and took lots of pics. As usual once I got a half mile from the parking lot I saw only three or four other people. It was great.


I saw a couple stringing up hammocks next to what I call “Wagon Wheel Lake” near the old parking lot. I don’t know what is up with that. Camping is a no-no on the mountain. Oh well!

Skywatch Friday

Skywatch Friday – Golden Glow on and above the Arkansas River


Another photograph of the sunset from my old office. I know that I had a similar photograph last week but hey I’m doing it again. The “second” sun left of the “real” sun is is a reflection from window that I am taking the picture through. 

The season for these kind of shots is coming to a close when daylight savings time starts. I love the sunset shots but I already work until six. I’ll have to get out and find something else to take pictures of until late Fall.

Skywatch Friday