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The Easter Drill 2014

Home from Easter church service, but before we change and get out of our clothes and run and around to pick up the house and cook Easter lunch lets take a few pics. It’s a time honored tradition!

Ready, lets go!


Yeah, well that’s okay. Something is wrong with the camera lens that expands everything at my waist. So lets fix that.


Hmm, that’s better but I cut the top of my head off. Big loss there right? I’m calling it good.


Okay, lets pick up the critters. From left to right meet Rascal, Ginger, and Abby. Okay, one is enough of this.


Finally a decent shot!


Yep, he is taller than me. But I’m meaner.


Aw, my main squeeze. Isn’t she beautiful!


She said, get out of the picture Jack. I said my name wasn’t Jack. She said she didn’t care just get her Rascal. So here they are. I had to overexpose it a little bit cuz otherwise he is a black blob. 

I hope that you all are having as much fun on Easter as we are.

Song-ography – Bill Withers’ “Lean on Me”

“Lean On Me” by Bill Withers

“Sometimes in our lives
We all have pain, we all have sorrow
But if we are wise
We know that there’s always tomorrow”

(SuperPizzaBoy, Sweetie, and Yogi horsing around at Orange Beach earlier this summer.)

“Lean on me when you’re not strong
And I’ll be your friend, I’ll help you carry on
For it won’t be long
‘Til I’m gonna need somebody to lean on”

Growing up “Lean on Me” was one of those songs always in the background and wore very well. I never got tired of it but I never thought much about it either. It was just a great basic song that was part of my life.

Song-ography is a meme sponsored by Kathy at You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out. She has a different song every week that you use as a theme for your post and you link in Sunday Morning. Check it out.


Show and Tell: Hipstamatic, Instagram, and IPod Touch

I have a new obsession recently.

#ginger #dog

No, its not the dog, although I love her. I bought a new Ipod Touch recently. It has a camera similar to the one in the Iphone. It’s a pretty nice camera but I also got an app, Hippstamatic where one can simulate all sorts of cameras including old film cameras like my film Lomography cameras.

#archway #downtown #tulsa

Couple the Ipod Touch and the Hipstamatic with Instagram. Have you heard of Instagram. It’s like facebook but only for photos.

#tulsa #downtown #political #rally #flag

No hurt feelings by insulting your favorite cheesy politician or cause. Just photos.

#tulsa #downtown #orpha's lounge

So I’ve been going crazy with my trio of brand new toys.

Some Okies actually don't care about the Thunder.

The Ipod is small and compact so its easier to get more candid photographs than I could with my regular cameras.


Don’t worry, they are just one more tool in my bag. I still love my big Canon SuperZoom, and my little Powershot, as wells as my Lomography cameras, and my special effects digital camera and all the rest. I haven’t gotten off the deep end yet, but I may be headed there.


Do you have anything you want to show and tell about today?

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These Boots Have Legs

A couple months ago or so I started a new Tumblr blog. It is just for images and nothing else. The only text is the name of the photo and some tags. People don’t even comment.  You can also search for images on tumblr and then reblog those or you can hit a heart button to “like” the photo.  The site keeps a running total for the likes and reblogs for you and some of the images have been liked and reblogged thousands of times. I like the site but there is no relationship building like in regular blogs where you get to know people.

After a short time I learned what kind of photos are popular on tumblr. Bright colors and geometry sells! So I found a photograph of a boot display I took last year and massaged a little to boost the colors and darken the edges and posted it So I posted it on my tumblr site  and in less than 12 hours over eighty people had reblogged it.


So, who are these rebloggiers? Most of them young women aged about 18 to 28 it appears who just love anything country, cowboy, trucks, jeans, guns, true love, and boots. Their sites are exuberant and full of life. Check out, or

I posted the photo below from Flickr Commons. I loved the color and movement and the abandonment of the dancer.

2007 Powwow

As you would expect it was a totally different group of people primarily Native Americans judging by the content of the blogs. About 31 reblogs so far. I learned a lot going through their sites. First, opinion is sharply divided on the neon regalia of the dancer. Second, what really makes many Native Americans angry are people who take photographs during pow wows when they are asked not to do so. Lesson learned for me!

Yogi’s Den will always be my main blog but it is fun to experiment a little. I think of tumblr as a photographic exchange. I’m sure that all sorts of copyrights are being violated.

Do you have a tumblr site or more than one blog? How does that work for you?

Nana is moved in!

My Mother-in-Law Nana is moved into her new house in Tulsa. She is was moving up here anyway and had a contract to buy a house when when she broke her hip and had to have surgery, then rehab here in Tulsa.

Well but she is one tough lady and she worked extremely hard and flew through inpatient rehab, and closed on her house. She and Sweetie spent most of the last week supervising the move from Antlers, OK to Broken Arrow. The movers unloaded it all Friday.

So here is a picture of Nana (on the right) and another tough lady (Sweetie) resting up at the new house.

Nice pool in the back yard.
A few treasures from the old house, now in the new house.
The Bear
The Old Cookstove from the Homestead in Northwest Oklahoma
Gumball Machine from the Pharmacy

SuperPizzaBoy’s Rocky Horse. I remember him small enough to fall of it. Now he trips over it.

Nana had the movers deliver the old piano to our house. It looks like it belongs here.

Making Progress

For Christmas, son SuperPizzaBoy got a black and white kitten. He named him “LJ” and declared LJ to be his “Only Son.” So Sweetie and I instantly became grandparents a few years earlier than what we planned. SPB loves LJ, and so does everbody else in the household.

Except Chrissy our 20 pound maine coon who only likes me, and not that much either. She can, and often does, swats LJ off the bed with one swipe of her huge claws.

Lately though, she is letting LJ lay nearby, as long as he stays still. She won’t play with him though, maybe later.

To see other pictures and read other stories about both wild and domestic critters check out Camera Critters.

Full Moon

The weather has been wild in Oklahoma the last couple of weeks. We had a warm spell, then an ice storm, then it warmed up, and then we had rain storms and tornadoes.

In the midst of all this we had a full moon. I was outside one night taking the trash out or something and looked up in the sky. We had a full moon and low thin clouds racing from the south, just hauling ass, as us Okies put it. It was beautiful. I went inside and got my camera and wasted a bunch of electrons trying to get the moon in a gap.

Check out Skywatch for other pictures of the sky from all over the world.

My World Tuesday #2

I decided to feature another art deco building in Tulsa. Below is the Oklahoma Natural Gas Building constructed in 1928. It was the first art deco building in downtown Tulsa and led to many others. It is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and you can read all the details here.

The building is still used as office space and is very nice specially the former lobby on the first floor. The layout is that the elevators are at the opposite end of what is viewed here. From the elevator lobby there is a center corridor all they way to the end. So all the offices have nice windows and great views.

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A Hole in the Sky – Skywatch #2

After about a week of very overcast, cloudy skies, the clouds finally broke up, and the sun came out. It was a welcome relief. Don’t mistake me. I generally like whatever nature sends me (except for tornadoes and ice storms) but it is nice to see blue sky every now and then. I selected this one because of the hole configuration.

Since I’ve found out about Skywatch Friday I’ve been looking at the sky a lot more frequently. Lots to see up there if you just look.

To see more photographs of the sky, check the SkyWatch link below.