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Oklahoma Sugar Art Show and Grand National Wedding Cake Competition 2016


One event I try to never miss is the Oklahoma Sugar Art Show at the Tulsa State Fair. it is only two days so if you snooze you lose. This year I couldn’t go Saturday so like a pagan heathen I went Sunday. Lots less pushing and shoving if you you Sunday I found out but there is still a lot of people.


The theme this year was “Mad for Metallics” so there was a metallic theme to the entries. My favorite cake was this Steam Punk themed cake. All sorts of gears and pipes and such.


Here is a detail. Marvelous is what I say.


I loved this gardening themed piece with the butterfly.


And this Winnie the Pooh themed item with the Pooh and the bee hive.


And this was absolutely gorgeous.


And these gears,


And these happy flowers. I wonder if they are a bit creepy though.


And there were a couple of Day of the Dead pieces also. That day is fast becoming my favorite holiday. Now I am sounding creepy.


And a mask, I love masks. There used to be lots of mask entries but they are so fragile.


And a classic beautiful piece.


I love the lattice work. How do they do that?


And a Victorian themed cake.

Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show

Saturday I ventured back out to the Fair Grounds here in Tulsa to the State Fair to see the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show and Grand National Wedding Cake Competition.

Cake 1.jpg

I have no idea if the cakes are edible but the decorations are amazing. I ended up taking 152 photographs of the event and no I’m not going to make you suffer through them. The skill of these sugar artists is just wonderful.


These are like wedding cakes on steroids.

Cake 2.jpg

I have no idea how one would have the patience and stamina to do all the detailing involved.


The creativity was pretty far out there also. But you know the cakes were not the most impressive things are I saw there.

cake 3.jpg

I was blown away by the masks. I wasn’t even expecting them.

Mask 1.jpg

They are incredibly delicate. Earlier a motorized wheel chair bumped into a table and destroyed almost all the masks on the table. I’m sure that everybody felt terrible about it. You can be sure that I kept my distance.

Mask 3.jpg

Have you ever been to a sugar art show? I’m coming back next year. If you haven’t been yet this year, you are too late, the sugar art show closed Sunday.

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