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Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show

Saturday I ventured back out to the Fair Grounds here in Tulsa to the State Fair to see the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show and Grand National Wedding Cake Competition.

Cake 1.jpg

I have no idea if the cakes are edible but the decorations are amazing. I ended up taking 152 photographs of the event and no I’m not going to make you suffer through them. The skill of these sugar artists is just wonderful.


These are like wedding cakes on steroids.

Cake 2.jpg

I have no idea how one would have the patience and stamina to do all the detailing involved.


The creativity was pretty far out there also. But you know the cakes were not the most impressive things are I saw there.

cake 3.jpg

I was blown away by the masks. I wasn’t even expecting them.

Mask 1.jpg

They are incredibly delicate. Earlier a motorized wheel chair bumped into a table and destroyed almost all the masks on the table. I’m sure that everybody felt terrible about it. You can be sure that I kept my distance.

Mask 3.jpg

Have you ever been to a sugar art show? I’m coming back next year. If you haven’t been yet this year, you are too late, the sugar art show closed Sunday.

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Our World – Tulsa State Fair Midway

It’s the time for State and County Fairs, have you been to one yet this year?


I took my Diana Mini toy film camera to the midway this year. The midway is legalized madness. Lots of people, bright lights, the rides, the games of skill, the fair food.  Who can explain it all?


The Diana Mini has a half frame mode where you get two photographs on one frame. It’s kind of fun to see what the pairing are. I like the way the Ferris Wheel turned out. To me the Ferris wheel is the king of the midway. If you don’t have one of those, you don’t have a midway.


I was just walking around shooting from the waist. It’s kind of hit or miss actually. There is a world of difference between raising a camera to your eye and just shooting from the waist. The EMT crew above had somebody on the gurney. I don’t know what the story is.


The carousel and a small roller coaster were right next to each other.


The not very well kept secret of the midway is that the people are the main attraction. Lots of people make fun of “Fair People” and I don’t know why. I mean if you know what a fair person looks like, then you are one also, right? 


The food is outrageous. The donut burger is a burger with donuts used as the buns. How about deep fried Kool-Aid. Why, probably the same reason that I eat sea urchin sushi. Sure it tastes good but most of all I like seeing everybody’s else’s reaction when I eat it.
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Camera Critters – Tulsa State Fair

I went to the Tulsa State Fair Friday.


I don’t go for the food, the rides, or the cheesy merchandise.


I go because I like looking at the critters, especially the cows, and horses and the goats are interesting also.


Many of the animals were raised by young people. I think that it is great. Anything that takes kids away from their electronics is A-OK with me!


I don’t know a thing about these animals. I can generally tell a horse from a cow but don’t bet on it. These though are Belgian Blues. I think they are beautiful. According to wikipedia they are “double muscled” which gives them a muscular appearance but also means that they are very good at converting grass to lean beef. They are more pink in the photograph than what they are live. They have a beautiful blue color to them.


My sister Ellen posted in her blog the other day that she took a photography class and learned that when photographing critters the eyes should be the focal point. It was a revelation for me. There is a real difference  in the “emotion” of the photographs where the eyes are the focal point and where you can’t see them. That Ellen, she is one smart cookie.


Herefords or “white faces” are another of my favorites. They have fallen out of favor I think because of the trend toward leaner beef. I think they are beautiful. Sorry, I couldn’t get one to look at me. I don’t blame them.


The goats are something else. Cows pretty much ignore everybody, the goats are checking everybody out.


Would you buy a used car from this goat? I wouldn’t.


The goats and cows both were being bathed and trimmed by their owners.


I came upon some young people showing off their horses. The tension level was high during the judging.


The horses and the handlers both were dressed to the nines.


The animals are beautiful, you can tell the young people and their parents had worked hard to get to this show.

If you live close to Tulsa the fair runs through October 7.

Camera Critters

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No Fare at the Tulsa State Fair

Last Friday was my day off. As we do every other Friday, we took SuperPizzaBoy to school, slowed down a bit and rolled him out. See Ya Son!! I really need to show a video of his tuck and roll, that boy learns quick. Sweetie and I went to breakfast and then it was off to the Tulsa State Fair.

We rolled first into the arts and crafts building. Lots of good stuff there including lots of Legos, and screaming kids.

How about some duct tape roses? So romantic, and practical!


And some amazing pumpkins. I loved this strawberry pumpkin.


And the world’s ugliest pumpkin. Really people.

And a pheasant pumpkin.


And a Pistol Pete Pumpkin. For you non-Okies Pistol Pete is the mascot for Okahoma State University. That’s where all the Ag Majors and Engineers in Oklahoma go. ( I went to the University of New Mexico, aka Harvard on the Rio Grande or MIT on the Mesa) Unfortunately, the football players in Oklahoma go to the University of Oklahoma .  They don’t make pumpkins at OU, they make national championships. That’s why Pistol Pete is frowning. He knows a lost cause when he sees it. Sorry, I usually gig OU pretty hard so I’m  giving OSU some Yogi love.

And, look geocaches on display at the State Fair. Wow, we now have the same status as pumpkins, wow?



I love the livestock barns, Sweetie not so much. So I only got a few pics. These young people spend a lot of time working with their animals. I think it’s very cool.  The only thing is…… well, don’t spend too much time worrying about the future of this animal. Especially while enjoying a steak.


I like the old farm machinery. They got those old machines all polished up.


The butterfly exhibit is a big hit. You pay a little extra to get in but it is very cool. Just don’t…. yeah just don’t start wondering what happens to the butterflies after the exhibit. And if you do wonder, don’t ask the people who work there what is going to happen to them. Lets just say, I applaud them for telling the truth. I’ll also say that if they have the money to go to Asia and Central America to get these critters then they got enough money to take the little dudes home. Last year the Tulsa Zoo came out and got them. They don’t do that every year.


What about the Fair Food!!! Well what about it, anybody who knows me knows that I love to eat and that I’ve missed very few meals. Fair food though? Yuck. Does the booth below look like it has anything appetizing?


Not for us, we went to a place Sweetie has kept hidden from me. The Ripe Tomato inside The Market in south Tulsa.


Oh yeah, put this up against your corn dogs, turkey legs, deep fried snicker bars and other such stuff.


It was darn good is what I have to say. And I didn’t share, willingly.

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