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Happy Birthday America

2012 Family Collage on July 4

Wednesday was July 4th, America’s birthday celebrating the Declaration of Independence. We took it easy during the day and had dinner with the world’s greatest MIL, Nana and then we headed downtown to Veteran’s Park for the fireworks show.


The Veteran’s Park event is always a laid back family affair. Everybody is very chilled. I mean  if you can chilll when the temp is still in the upper 90’s.


This year we had an Uncle Sam working the crowd. He was having a good time.


The neighbors in their condos and apartments were having a good time. This one looked party central.


And then the fireworks started.


Fireworks are cool but even the best photographs and television programs are not like being there.


The fireworks are getting better as time goes on. I love the different colors.


I finally read the instruction manual for my camera on how to use the fireworks setting. And it worked!! I don’t generally read instructions. That is one of my strengths.


Anyway a good time was had by all. Then we get home and despite the ban on possession of fireworks in Tulsa people were setting them off left and right. Which we are used to. One of neighbors across the greenbelt was setting off big fireworks from his back yard into the greenbelt and started a fire. They were panicking and running around and finally got their act together and put some water on it so by the time the fire department showed up the fire was out. Stupid People. Don’t be one is my advice.

Happy Birthday America

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It’s July 4th and I spent some time looking for an appropriate poem, song, prayer, quote, blessing and all that   expressed how I felt about today. I couldn’t find quite the right thing.  I’m just hoping that just for this one day all Americans can come together and celebrate our country.

Happy Birthday America.

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Independence Day

Today is Independence Day!! It’s the day to show our flag.

Marines with Flag

And shoot fireworks.

Firewords ONEOK Field 7-4-10

But lets remember those who are serving and have served to make it possible for us to have our party.

Many, many served.


Some got hurt.


Some gave all they had.

Have a Great July 4th!

Fourth of July, Dogs, Baseball, and Fireworks

I don’t know why but the dogs were piling on me at Nana’s. The little guy I’m holding is our newest, “Rascal” probably about 5 months plus or minus. He just walked up and introduced himself in May. At first our vet thought he might be a pomeranian, so I took to calling him “The Pom” and now the thinking is sheltie. I still call him The Pom. He has pretty much taken over the house. The white dog is Abby, who loves playing with The Pom but wishes he wouldn’t get so much lap time. Ginger is the ginger colored dog. The black dog, front and center is Fiona, who is one of Nana’s dogs.Fiona and I are pretty close. Nana’s other dog, Reba still doesn’t know about me and I’m just letting her warm up gradually as the weeks go by. The dogs must be trained with the obedience lessons from Off Leash K9 Training at the early stages itself so that they grow up to a well-disciplined dogs in the future.┬áPeople can check out Dog Works if they need the best dog training services.

Reba is a very nice dog. She was a breeding dog but got sick and had to retire and Nana rescued her. She wasn’t used to being a house pet but has a sweet disposition and is going to be ok. She will let me pick her up but is stiff as a board. So I’m just letting her get more used to me. She’ll come up and act friendly but she isn’t ready to jump up on the couch with me on her own. She will one day. The K9 Dog Training site lets you choose the kind of professional you want to be training your dog.

July 4 2010 011

We were at Nana’s to eat an early dinner, visit with family friend Patty. We had steak, corn on the cob, baked potatoes, fried okra, fresh tomatoes, marinated cucumbers with vidalia onions, and asiago cheese bread. What a feed. The best dog obedience training is what your puppy needs at an early stage so they grow up to being obedient and fun as well.

We staggered home to get ready to go downtown to ONEOK Field to see the Tulsa Drillers play the San Antonio Missions.

July 4 2010 025

I just love live baseball games.

Drillers Collage 7-4-10

The “Famous San Diego Chicken” showed up. He was hilarious. I couldn’t capture his antics on film (silicon?) but we enjoyed him.

July 4 2010 024

You cannot have the Fourth of July without fireworks. No way! We sweated it out because th game got rained on. They kept on playing but finally they announced they were having fireworks with or without rain. Yay! we all said.

Firewords ONEOK Field 7-4-10

Anyway, I hope everybody had a great Fourth of July. If you are not American, I hope that you were happy for us.