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James B. Ross, The Best Drummer in Tulsa

I took my new camera out for a test run the other day. The funky one on the right is the Lomography Fisheye  No. 2. It has a field of view of 170 degrees. In other words it will take a photograph of everything it is pointed at. The results are a little distorted. Which I love.


It’s a film camera which means that learning how to use can be a little expensive. I took a bunch of pics on my first roll. Not very many are presentable.

While taking a late lunch downtown a man asked me if I would take his picture. Little did he know.


His name is James B. Ross, he is new to town, and he said that he is the best drummer in town. He said that is saying a lot because Tulsa is a music town and is known to have great musicians. He just came here and is staying at the Salvation Army Shelter. He asked me if I knew that they had whole families down there. I said yep, I know.


Anyway he is between gigs and doesn’t have a drum set. He told me, “No worries, it may take me a while but you will be hearing from me again.”

He asked if he could see the pictures I took of him. I told him that I can’t because its a film camera. He looked at me and laughed. “I’m so sorry man, the new cameras are digital. You need to get one. So you can see what you are doing.”

Have you ever had a homeless guy feel sorry for you?

Good luck James B. Ross, I’m going to keep my ear to the ground for you.