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The Tulsa Paranormal Investigation Team checks out the Ghost of Thomas Gilcrease

The Tulsa Paranormal Investigation Team (“TPIT”) has been reading “Tulsa’s Haunted Memories” by Teri French about the various ghosties and such that are haunting areas in the Tulsa area and we have decided to start checking things out. Our first assignment was to check out the Thomas Gilcrease Mansion on the grounds of Tulsa’s Gilcrease Museum.

Here is TPIT’s chief investigator, SuperPizzaBoy. You can tell by his folded arms that he doesn’t believe in ghosts.

Gilcrease House 7

Supposedly Mr. Gilcrease floats, so to speak, between the Museum, his old house, and the gardens. Ms. French reports a high turnover among the guards. I can understand the house is old and looks haunted.

Gilcrease House 1

We couldn’t get inside the house but we checked the gardens pretty well. We didn’t meet him or any other ghost. Lots of windows, we felt we were being watched by somebody.

Gilcrease House 3

We had a little excitement when I saw something in the window looking back at me. Turned out, it was me. How do you like the hip hop style pants? At least I got them pulled up around my waist, unlike most people who wear them.

Gilcrease House 6

We had another brief excitement, but it was just SPB teasing his dad.

TPIT’s official conclusion is that Mr. Gilcrease’s ghost had taken Sunday off.

Do you believe in ghosts?

I’m hooking up with the Real Housewives of Oklahoma Into Your Neck of the Woods this week.