Scavenger Hunt Sunday – to Spots and Beyond

1. Dots



These are fawns at the Wildlife Resource Center in Antlers, Oklahoma. Heather’s father Charles, who is no longer with us, was the driving force behind establishing the center. He loved this deer.

2. Bokeh



Does accidental Bokeh count, this is from a family hike where i was trying to get a family photo and the camera decided it wanted to focus on the bark of a tree instead. I tell you what, these new fangled cameras are smarter than I am. Not that that is saying much.

3. A Game



This is from several years ago when my youngest niece Jillian graduated from college. Her parents held a party and they had games. It was fun!!! Check out this post from way back when to see what happened.

4. Repetitive



I tell what is repetitive is running. I don’t mean that in a bad sort of way. Sometimes when I’m running I marvel that my legs just keep on running without any input from me.

5. My Everyday

It is a #coffee day for me today #reading #football #hibernating #happynewyear #doubleexposure #dianaapp

Coffee!!! Now that is an everyday thing with me!

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