Oxley Nature Center – A Great Alternative to Turkey Mountain


Heather and I wanted to go hiking on a warm sunny Winter afternoon and we decided to on the north side of Tulsa to Oxley Nature Center to avoid the crowds that show up at Turkey Mountain on nice days. The successful fight to save Turkey Mountain from developers┬áreally aroused the public’s interest in the park and I’m happy that so many people love it but there are other parks in Tulsa to go and hike, run, bike, and whatever you want outside with a lot less people. Where you can get a little elbow room and hunt for a parking space.


Oxley, adjacent to the also hikeable Mohawk Park is a little more structured and has a interpretive center with staff to help you with planning your hike. And it has hours of operation and such but if you just want to show up and hike or run, just park and do what you want. Check the link for hours of operation, maps, and such.


So on a day where Turkey Mountain was a little crowded (only at the parking lot, you get a quarter mile from the parking lot and the crowd are diminished considerably) Heather and I found a hiking spot and took off on a circuitous route. Sure we saw other people but just every now and then.

So don’t let crowded parking lots deter you from spending time outside.


We say several deer right close to the parking lot. I haven’t seen a deer on Turkey Mountain in years.


So we were just moseying along at a leisurely pace. Our son is on a school trip to Breckenridge and of course we stopped every time he texted us.


And we had a great time. Over four miles all in all.

As far as what was going on in Breckenridge, here is a selection of some of the pics Logan sent Heather.


This was from the bus ride as they were getting close to town.


The condo they are staying in and reportedly doing lots of “hanging out” and “relaxing” when we ask him what he is doing.


And it sounds like there is an ice sculpting contest or exhibition going on so this is one of the sculptures.


And this has something to do with dragons. Anyways we miss the boy and are glad to be able to hear from him.


8 thoughts on “Oxley Nature Center – A Great Alternative to Turkey Mountain

  1. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Loved the photos from Oklahoma and from Colorado. (Glad that Logan had time to take those great pictures in the middle of all that ‘hanging out’ … he sounds like a typical teen away from home. But how great to have messaging and pictures instantly. )

    Oxley sounds more like the kind of place what we’d like to hike (walk) than Turkey Mountain. But I think it is so cool that all the publicity to save it brought more people to that Mountain. Kind of annoying for you to have to deal with crowds, but that is the way to ensure it will be saved for a long time!

  2. Barb

    There you are walking without a coat while Logan is freezing here in Breckenridge. Glad he got to visit the ice sculptures. We’re still under a winter storm warning. He may be done with winter by the time they leave for home!

  3. Ellen

    Looks like a great day for a hike. We had a 60 degree day on Saturday before winter decided to reappear. So nice of Logan to send you pics. Teenagers do a lot of hanging out. I hope he’s having fun with all the snow and I think he’s a smart guy for skipping the skiing. Staying inside by the fireplace is always more fun.

  4. Pat

    Oxley looks like a pretty,area and it’s nice Heather was able to take the walk with you! I’m sure Logan is having fun on his trip. They must have seen a lot of snow the past couple days–we had the storm today and it is supposed to go through tomorrow.

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