Today’s Flowers – Daffodil Mania


Here is the conventional view

I don’t mind Winter too much here in Oklahoma where it generally is not too severe and given my trailrunning and geocaching hobbies late Fall and Winter is really, really nice because I don’t have to worry about the many vipers we have here and the ticks, chiggers, bees, hornets, spiders, and wasps which have each sent me to the doctor before. Anyways Winter isn’t too bad but Spring is just great. It is great for baseball coming back and wonderful for the flowers especially the daffodils. I just love daffodils.


How about we get down to the ground and look up?

Tulsa’s best spot for daffodils is Woodward Park. This years “crop” seems a little sparse compared to previous years but still just spectacular.


How about zooming up the iso, and reducing the fstop to get narrow depth of focus. I know it is not much but I love this shot.

I went at lunch one day last week and the light was hazy. I thought it made for a nice effect.


Woodward Park is almost as good as the State Fair for people watching. We Tulsan’s love Woodward Park

I saw this lady get out of her car and she sat in the middle of a daffodil patch and brushed her hair really good and put a blue ribbon in and made a bunch of selfies. I thought it was really sweet. A couple years ago a guy and his girl were there and he set up a tripod low to the ground and he filmed he and his girl rolling around kissing and groping each other in the daffodils. That wasn’t too sweet.


On this past Wednesday during our Spring Break staycation the family indulged me by going to Philbrook Museum to take pics of the daffodils. They seemed kind of sparse there also. Still beautiful.


They had some of these very pretty blueish purple flowers also. That’s not the latin name for them, it is the Okie name.


And the purple flowers falling over the ledge is great also.


The best daffodils at Philbrook were in the front of the museum. They don’t charge you to look at these. We are members at Philbrook so its all the same to us. I love flowers in abundance. I’m greedy that way.


I know I am posting way too many pics of them. I promise not to post any more. I might change my mind though. Can you tell that I am a potential politician?


Here I found the abundance I was looking for. I fixed the focus about one third of the way down which left the flowers in the back kind of mushed (that is a very technical photographic term) in an effect that I kind of liked.

So this is my daffodil mania post. No filters, not even any cropping!

So, did I post too many photos? I’m trying to figure out what blogging means in this day of Instagram, twitter, and facebook. I love Instagram and post two or three pics a day with minimal text. Twitter I use mainly during breaking news plus it is a best way to keep abreast of industry news. Facebook is for friends. So I am trying to figure out where blogger fits in. I like getting to know people in blogging and it is kind of hard in Instagram and Twitter. With facebook I already know you. At least I thought I did until you started posting the My Little Pony videos. (hah)

So, how are the flowers where you are?

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7 thoughts on “Today’s Flowers – Daffodil Mania

  1. Grace

    Whichever way you look or focus there’s no doubting that fab fields of daffies mean spring, and spring goings-on, re your young coup!e 🙂 Super images Alan, sounds like your winters may be similar to Perth winters, I don’t think I wore my coat once last winter, which is actually a little disappointing 🙂 You are so much more social media active than moi, it’s literally blogger and Facebook and even then it’s a stretch! We’re heading into autumn, so my garden is still awash with hibiscus, roses, Bougainville and flowers that love the hot weather.

  2. DeniseinVA

    Not too many for me, the more the better and how happy I am that you shared them with Today’s Flowers. Thank you so very much. I love them, always great to see those spring flowers after Winter. Have a great Sunday!

  3. Gaelyn

    I love daffodils! My absolutely favorite spring flower. Haven’t seen any around southern UT, but then haven’t been snooping in anybody’s yard. Never too many pics of daffodils.

    I only blog and FB, can’t keep up with it all.

  4. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    I am so envious…. the downside of not suffering through winter weather is that there is really no Spring (I can’t see any difference at all) and we don’t have any of the typical early-spring flowers at all. Daffodils were always my favorite back when we lived in Oregon (full-time).

    So really, jealousy aside, thanks for the beautiful pictures and the beautiful memories!!! I appreciate every one of them (never too many).

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