Running What I Can Instead of What I Want to Run


The Jenks Bridge, now limited to pedestrians and bicyclists.

I haven’t been to Turkey Mountain in a month! What with traveling and conferences and this and that and whatever I have missed my coveted Wednesday after work run. When I went to change into my running clothes I found that I forgot my shoes. No problema I thought. I’ll just drive home and get my shoes and change and head over to the mountain and it will be fine.


The former Oral Roberts University Hospital and Medical School, now an office building. If you think it is tilted just tilt your head.

Except, their was a huge traffic jam on the Broken Arrow Expressway and it took me an hour to get home. So I decided to “plug back and abandon” (that is fricking fracker talk for giving up the original plan) and go for a shorter run. I was under time pressure because I needed to pick up Logan at a certain time. So I was a little put out at myself at first but as I got into the run my cares just disappeared especially since I had some time to take some pics on the run.

So yep, one can have a decent run along a turnpike. I’ll be on Turkey Mountain Friday morning!! I am double checking the shoe situation.

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11 thoughts on “Running What I Can Instead of What I Want to Run

  1. Driller's Place

    I love that image of the Jenks bridge. And yes, I hate it when I get somewhere only to find out I left an important piece of equipment behind. On more than one occasion I have forgotten to pack the little base shoe that connects my camera to the tripod. The result is that the tripod is useless and long exposures are impossible.

  2. klara

    uf, those terrible traffic jams! your alternative choice seems also nice – water, pedestrian/bike bridge… and you made me smile with tilting my head.

  3. Ellen

    We saw that huge traffic jam as we were “Ubering” downtown to the Tallgrass Prairie Table on Wednesday. We were glad we weren’t going the other direction because it looked like a huge mess. Thanks for letting me take your Tuesday evening for some great conversation and company! By the way, Tallgrass was fantastic!

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