Ruby Tuesday Too – New Orleans and Tulsa


I was in New Orleans in April for a convention. I apologize for keeping going back to the well but the Crescent City is such a rich city for the senses: sights, sounds, taste. I finally took a ride on a street car while I was there. I don’t know why I had never had before. The conductors are efficient and helpful, the technology is almost steampunk. Its a great way to move around the city.


While in New Orleans I got invited to a crawfish boil at this restaurant. Eating boiled crawfish is a lot of work. You have to break the tail off just right to get at the meat. And then there is the fat in the body that you eat. I love it. It grosses a lot of people out but that is their problem. I used to have a boss in Houston who every once in a while would feel not too good. I’d take him to lunch and he, being the good native of El Paso that he was, would order ┬átacos. Me from Albuquerque, would order raw oysters and boiled crawfish. I knew that he was going straight home from lunch.

Knockout Roses

And this is one of my wife’s knockout roses home in Tulsa. I have fun in my not very often trials but it is always nice to get back home. We are hugging each other a little tighter in my family this week.

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13 thoughts on “Ruby Tuesday Too – New Orleans and Tulsa

  1. Driller's Place

    I have to admit, I have been to San Francisco and New Orleans and I still haven’t ridden a street car. I guess I need to add that to my bucket list now.

  2. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    We like to try ethnic food and still feel like Louisiana is more like a foreign country than another state. We loved it. You have to be in the right mood for crawfish that is for sure. The first time we had some, we stopped for lunch in a restaurant in the back of a service station somewhere. They put a piece of butcher paper on the booth and dumped a whole bucket of them in the middle. We actually had to look at other people to see how to eat them.

    (And we loved the streetcars.)

  3. Pat

    I love knock out roses- I wish the deer did not eat them

    NOLA is a favorite city–we rode a streetcar to the WWII Museum on our last visit.

  4. Amy

    oh what very cool photos, I’d like to have a coffee at that cafe outside, looks very inviting and a unique building.

  5. bj

    I can’t get your streetcar out of my mind..I just LOVE that photo. I am wondering if I might buy your photo..I would so love to have it enlarged REALLY big to put on a canvas…I have a large BARE stairway wall that I have not found anything I want to hang on it … until I saw your red streetcar,

  6. Sylvia

    Ah, I do love New Orleans!! I lived there for two years == MANY years ago!! Great captures for the day!! Hope your week is going well!!

  7. Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines

    I’ve never been anywhere to see a trolley. I am one of those who does not like crawfish, but they are a popular food here- my kids love them. The rose is gorgeous. We’ve been doing a lot more hugging around here also. Life is precious, and way too short.

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