Shadow Shot Sunday – Downtown Tulsa Shadows


Autumn is here and some of the trees are changing colors. We are several weeks behind friends in Colorado and elsewhere higher and further north.


There is still lots of green. I love this ramada at Guthrie Green just north of downtown. Nice and shady in the summer and sunny in the winter when all the leaves fall off.


Our downtown Library is reopening after a three year renovation. I’ll be going there later today to check it out. Solar heating, rainwater collection systems, revamped heating and air,  a 3D printer, enhanced technology. I haven’t heard anything about books. Do libraries still have books? You can depend on me to let you know.

I’m linking with Shadow Shot Sunday (even though it is Saturday). Sunday will be here soon enough.

7 thoughts on “Shadow Shot Sunday – Downtown Tulsa Shadows

  1. DeniseinVA

    Lovely series of photos, I especially like the curved line of the trees in the first shot. I’ll be interested in what you think of the library updates. Sounds like they did a lot of work to draw people in.

  2. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Beautiful sky …don’t rush autumn… It’s a beautiful season, except for what follows it (imho). Happy for your Library opening….I’m betting on books, but if I venture into the stacks at ours, I’m sure to have plenty of privacy, while the new books sections get a few more people and all the crowds are at those other places you mentioned. But I applaud their willingness to change and adapt with the times.

  3. Ralph

    Given our weather all year in Southern New England, the leaves have hardly changed yet, but when they do this year, it will be quick with a sudden carpet of leaves in any one yard on any given day. Love the colors, hate the raking…

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