Shadow Shot Sunday – Riverside Ride


This Friday was my 9/80 day. I work 80 hours over nine days and get every other Friday off. I love it!! Been doing it for years despite criticism at work sometimes for taking off all my 9/80s. Yeah well duh. Anyway Heather and I wanted to go on a bike ride today. For a while it seemed like the very air was conspiring against us but it all worked out and we loaded up the bikes and headed off to the River Parks. Then, my bike had a little problem. A problem with the brakes. Believe me, if you are having a problem with your bicycle you do not want it to be your brakes. So I spent about fifteen minutes trying to fix them and suceeded. Yeah!!


And here is my very patient wife. All ready to go, waiting on her husband.


And off we went! First down a very nice rails to trails path that cuts through a very nice area of midtown Tulsa.


And then because of some park construction we got out on a street. It was a beautiful, sunny, cool day, with hardly any wind (8 mph is hardly any wind in Oklahoma, just so you know). As you can see we had some nice shadows all day long.


And then we got to the RiverParks trails. We love them. They have separate paths for cyclists and pedestrians


Heather led the way back to the car.


We got back to the end and had a reward. There is a brewery taphouse on the trail so we enjoyed a craft beer before the ride home.

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9 thoughts on “Shadow Shot Sunday – Riverside Ride

  1. Gaelyn

    I sure do like the separate trails as when walking I startle when bikes come along. Especially nice with cold beer along the way.

  2. Magical Mystical Teacher

    What could be more pleasant than a bike ride through the shadows?

  3. Ellen

    I wish we had bike paths like you have in Tulsa. Everything here is gravel which I’m not in love with. I’m taking my bike back to Yellowstone this summer so I can take it down to the Tetons and ride the miles of bike paths there. Of course, I haven’t been on the bike yet this year so it will take some getting used to again.

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