Last Skywatch Post of April 2018 – Osage Prairie Trail


Last week I took my bicycle up north of Tulsa to the “Osage Prairie Trail” a rails to trail project  that starts in north Tulsa and goes to Skiatook, way out in the country. I started in Sperry and went about five miles north to Sperry. The trail is deluxe, asphalt paved and well maintained.


I got some geocaching in on the way. How do you like my stylish outfit? I found that garish yellow top at Walmart for about seven bucks. Don’t feel bad if you don’t like it cuz I like it just great! Along with my mismatched socks. Where’s the law that says your socks have to match? There isn’t one, I already checked!


I love this bridge across Bird Creek.


I got to Skiatook and everybody in town was taking an exercise class.  I felt like jumping in myself but they were just finishing up. I love community stuff like that. Except community sounds like communism. We don’t like communism here in Oklahoma, so I am glad I didn’t join this communistic exercise program. People need to be in there own homes watching Fox News and checking you know who’s twitter feed. Not out in the sun getting skin cancer and getting to know your possibly leftist, immigrant, non gun owning  neighbors.


Enough about politcs. How about some cows? These are my wife’s cousin’s herd out in western Oklahoma. I love the calves especially. I always name one of them “Little Brisket.”


I went riding along the Arkansas River after work earlier this week during a pretty day. I am loving riding my bike this Spring!!


And it is Azalea season here in Tulsa. Here is a house in midtown that I just love. Look at the blooms, and the windows.


And I have a volunteer gig with the city of Tulsa picking up “litter on a stick” signs. I’ve picked up 17 so far. Within days of getting trained, me and my fellow 61 volunteers picked up over 500 trash signs off city rights of way. I’m all official now. I have a city ID Badge with my photo on it and some “cop gloves” to help protect from sabotaged signs. (Not yet in Tulsa but apparently in other cities the people who have put out litter on a stick signs have superglued razor blades to the wire frames.” The gloves will come in handy for geocaching also. On my bike ride on the Osage Prairie Trail I went looking for a cache called something like “In the hole” and I found the hole in the tree and as I went to inspect it, a snake slithered out! So as we say in the energy biz, I plugged and abandoned that cache, figuratively. I am just glad that I didn’t stick my hand in there, even though the slithery critter did not appear to be poisonous.

I am linking with Skywatch Friday this week.

16 thoughts on “Last Skywatch Post of April 2018 – Osage Prairie Trail

  1. Driller's Place

    Anytime you’re on the streets and not in a car, you need to be as highly visible as possible. I would probably have one of those reflective vests that highway workers wear. Our grand daughters never worried about matching socks. They consider it a victory if they actually have one on each foot. That old bridge over Bird Creek looks like a family portrait photo shoot waiting to happen. There are so many beautiful homes in the mid-town area it is impossible to choose a favorite. Have a blessed week.

  2. Gaelyn

    Nice place to ride. Love the bridge, not so much the cheap yellow shirt. Agree with your political views. Keep up the sign work and wear the gloves.

  3. nancy chan

    A lovely place for taking a ride. Love the house with the red blooms! Good to know you didn’t stick your hand into the hole. You could get bitten by the snake! Do be careful!

  4. Eileen

    Hello, looks like a nice trail for your bike ride. I like bridge and the edit image of the cows. Happy Friday, enjoy your day and weekend!

  5. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Your politics paragraph made me laugh out loud. Yep, that’s what they’d like is us inside watching Fox 24/7 and not being a bother. Beautiful bridge and the whole bike ride so interesting. I’m not sure what litter on a stick signs are but congrats for volunteering.

  6. Peter B

    Funny post, Alan! You can wear whatever you want as far as I’m concerned… even mismatched socks! Some great photos here. Love the bridge shot! Enjoy your weekend.

  7. Alana

    Oh, azalea season. Our forsythias are just starting to come out, and guess what – possible snow Sunday. Okay enough is enough. I’d love to join in with the communistic exercise class. Yogi, I have to admit, because that paragraph was precious to this former New York City liberal. It would be wonderful to exercise with some fellow travelers. I wonder if they dare to have yoga classes? Anyway, my favorite photo, believe it or not , was of Little Brisket and his fellows.

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