Skywatch Friday – A U2 Sky


Heather and I went to the U2 Concert last night here in Tulsa. In fact Tulsa is where U2 is starting their latest tour. They of course put on a great show. It had a sad tinge to it that I think is reflective of our country right now.


And then earlier this week we had a full moon. Fish Moon, Pink Moon, Sprouting Grass Moon, I love all the different names we have for full moons. The problem is, that I took this photo the night after the full moon. Still it was 98% full. I can’t tell the difference. Aren’t you happy with me that I came out and was honest with you about this? Don’t always count on it!! I’m a scoundrel with the facts.


The sculpture is “Monument to Forgiveness” in honor of Tahlequah, Oklahoma being the end point of many Native American on the Trail of Tears when they got evicted from the southeastern USA. Check out “

On our trip to the JT Nickel Wildlife Preserve on Sunday, Logan and I stopped at Northeastern State University for a look see. They are starting a program for people with Special Needs to get a university experience. We are applying and have high hopes. They are taking only five this, their first year of the program.


He’s doing well at school and is still working maintenance at Walmart. He’s a hard working kid.

I’m linking with Skywatch Friday, better late than never.

15 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – A U2 Sky

  1. Sallie

    Oh yeah, I would have noticed that wasn’t really the full moon …not. I only wish I’d seen it and gotten my own picture even one or two days later….I haven’t done at all well stalking full moons this year.

    Thank you for hosting SWF and best wishes for Logan’s acceptance letter.

  2. Peter B

    Fingers crossed for Logan, and I love that moon shot! I’ve never seen U2 in concert, but I’m a big fan. It’s on my bucket list, especially with their link to joshua trees!

  3. Kay L. Davies

    So many wonderful photos, but here I am, like everyone else, unable to resist a comment on your beautiful photo of the moon. I always try (and fail) to take pictures of the moon with my cell phone. I don’t know what I expect, but I can’t stop myself. This time, my husband has my cell phone because his broke down (that’s not the right word for cell phones, I know) and I sure do miss it. I almost always take pictures of the dog, at least!
    Thanks for sharing!
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  4. Driller's Place

    Our country needs to pursue the mercy and grace necessary to forgive. Too many, on both sides would rather name, blame and shame one another. We have lost the ability to agree to disagree with respect to one another.
    Very nice moon shot.
    Looking forward to seeing Logan’s adventures at NSU (We natives can still remember when it was NEO).

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