LaCoronaVida #9 – Backyard Fliers


Oklahoma has relaxed some of their restrictions and our family has expanded what we are doing a little bit. Heather has started teaching exercise classes again and I started going to the gym. We have had a few meals at fast food restaurants. But still wear our masks when we go places. I don’t wear one when I am outside but almost always inside.

Mourning Dove

We are avoiding crowds like the the big Trump Rally going on in Tulsa today. There is also the Home and Garden Show, a big Gun Show, and other events are going on as well.


So we spend a lot of time at home. I was never much of a bird photographer but I am giving it a shot now. They are challenging. They are small, move around a lot, and stay away from humans. So its kind of like ten to twenty shots to get one decent shot.

Brown Thrasher

So it has been fun. Amazing what can be done when you have to do so.

I’ve also been flying my drone. I go straight up and down, so don’t worry, I don’t spy on my neighbors. I am thinking that I need to do something besides my house. I have seen people flying their drones across the Arkansas River and over private property. I don’t want to fly it anywhere were I cannot openly go get it if it comes down.

Here’s some graphs I’ve been making of the Covid-19 situation here in Tulsa.

New Oklahoma Cases are increasing rapidly.

Just in Tulsa County cases are going up even faster.

Hospitalizations are going up as well.

Thank goodness that Deaths are averaging only one per day.

So how are you doing?

5 thoughts on “LaCoronaVida #9 – Backyard Fliers

  1. Patrick Prescott

    beautiful birds. Love Cardinals, they’re not around here, but I remember seeing them in East Texas while my parents and sister with her family lived there.

  2. Driller's Place

    Nice collection of feathered friends. Maybe you could fly your done along side one of them. Now that would make a great video. Like Oklahoma, Arkansas is seeing a rise in CV-19, but I think mostly due to a much larger number of people being tested daily. Still, the virus is cropping up in places that give everyone cause for concern.
    Personally, we are fine. We venture out to run errands, frequent a few of our favorite restaurants, and attend church. I still haven’t done much photography beyond the boundaries of my own yard and that is frustrating since I have upgraded my camera and one lens. Oh well, maybe I’ll have all of my favorite features learned by the time I can go out and photograph my world. Have a blessed week.

  3. A ShutterBug Explores

    Wonderful photos of our ‘feathered friends’ ~ glad you are staying close to nature and avoided the Trump rally ~ You are very wise people ~

    Be Safe, Be Well,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  4. Sallie

    I did happen to think about you this past weekend for some odd reason )). I won’t go into politics, I think you know how I feel. Except I hope that the (fewer than expected thank gosh) idiots who attended that fiasco left your city before infecting any of the good people who live there. Be careful out there you guys. That graph already doesn’t look good. As I read somewhere earlier today “people are tired of the virus, but the virus isn’t tired of us.”

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