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Our World – Springing in the Rain


It was a wet soggy day here in eastern Oklahoma on Sunday. I felt the need to go take some photos so I loaded up my camera and drone and in search of photos to take. I found these trees blooming at the Tulsa’s Woodward Park. I love the blooms, don’t tell me what they are because I was too lazy to wander over and look at the labels under each tree.


Next I got a few minutes of non-rain at the RiverParks. It was wet and soggy and the Arkansas River was up quite a bit.


Got this glimpse of a guy doing what I should have been doing, running on trails. Maybe next time.


Instead, here is me standing on the trail, in the rain. If I’d of waited a couple of hours, the sun would have been out. Kind of reminds of an old joke but I’ll spare you.

I’m linking with Our World Tuesday today. Come join in!!

And a musical interlude, with Gene Kelly, Singing the Rain. I couldn’t find “Drone Piloting in the Rain.”

LaCoronaVida #9 – Backyard Fliers


Oklahoma has relaxed some of their restrictions and our family has expanded what we are doing a little bit. Heather has started teaching exercise classes again and I started going to the gym. We have had a few meals at fast food restaurants. But still wear our masks when we go places. I don’t wear one when I am outside but almost always inside.

Mourning Dove

We are avoiding crowds like the the big Trump Rally going on in Tulsa today. There is also the Home and Garden Show, a big Gun Show, and other events are going on as well.


So we spend a lot of time at home. I was never much of a bird photographer but I am giving it a shot now. They are challenging. They are small, move around a lot, and stay away from humans. So its kind of like ten to twenty shots to get one decent shot.

Brown Thrasher

So it has been fun. Amazing what can be done when you have to do so.

I’ve also been flying my drone. I go straight up and down, so don’t worry, I don’t spy on my neighbors. I am thinking that I need to do something besides my house. I have seen people flying their drones across the Arkansas River and over private property. I don’t want to fly it anywhere were I cannot openly go get it if it comes down.

Here’s some graphs I’ve been making of the Covid-19 situation here in Tulsa.

New Oklahoma Cases are increasing rapidly.

Just in Tulsa County cases are going up even faster.

Hospitalizations are going up as well.

Thank goodness that Deaths are averaging only one per day.

So how are you doing?

Skywatch Friday – Droning On

As I mentioned before, I got a drone for my birthday. It is a Mavic-Mini. A very small drone with with some big features. Mainly a built in GPS that enables it to hold its position and a nice camera. Click the link above, it has some fun videos and to be honest the drone is as easy to fly as it shows in the link.

I have been experimenting with it in various places. I went to a local freeway interchange that featured a very high overpass. The drone flew right up there and stayed in a pretty good wind. If you run the video you can see it bouncing around.


I took it to a local park and flew it around and it did fine. Got into some conversations about it with people. They thought that I was “very good at flying it.” Not really, its just that it is very easy to fly. This is my third drone, the other two were okay but they had a mind of their mind especially the slightest wind.

I got confident enough to fly it in our back yard where we have lots of trees in a small space.

drone 01-adjust

This is toward the northeast of our house overlooking the greenbelt

More maneuvering around the back yard.

drone 03-adjust

To the west toward the setting sun.

Looking down on our back yard. Abby is one of our three dogs. She loved the drone, barking at it and wagging her tail.

This has nothing to do with Skywatching or Drones or anything. This video of some Irish Dancing at a wedding caught my eye. I hope you don’t mind it. I thought it was cool.

That’s about it for this week. We are still trying to flatten the curve. I hope everybody stays healthy and takes precautions. I am linking with Skywatch Friday