Weekend Critters – Queen of the House

Our Lizzie thinks she is a queen. Whenever we fold towels, she always shows up and rests her elbows on them. Doesn’t take kindly to being told to move.

She is such a brat.

Abby likes pillows too.

We have been inundated with rabbits this year. This was followed by hawks. I’m not sure who is going to win. My money is on the hawks.

And a bonus. Here is our patio with the blue chairs from about 35 meters or so.

Also at the request of several fellow bloggers I got my web site security upgraded to the https protocol. I hope that helps. I know several bloggers that have that protocol who’s sights causes my security system to warn me. Just so much I don’t understand about all this.

I’m linking with Eileen’s Saturday Critters

8 thoughts on “Weekend Critters – Queen of the House

  1. Eileen

    I love the cat and cute dog, they both look comfy. The bunnies are cute, I see lots of them here too.
    Neat view looking down at your home. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, Happy Sunday! Have a great new week!
    PS, thanks for all the past visits and comments on my blog.

  2. Penelope Notes

    House pets are so at peace when their owners are kind but many animals in the wild are never free from stress it seems and lead a dangerous life. There’s a reason why rabbits are so quick.

  3. Vicki

    Cute cat, dog, and bunny. I want the bunny to win 🙂

    My cats and dog do whatever they want. My dog loves laying on my legs when I’m asleep. My youngest cat likes to get inside my pillowcases. The older one is perfectly happy to lay in the dog’s bed but has never ever gotten in her own bed.

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