Shadowy Beach Sightings


From our recent vacation. Shadows from a fence protecting the dunes.


And Heather and I during one of our walks. We walked on the beach barefoot twenty five miles total. I kind of miss it. I love how skinny I am in this photo, and tall!!

I’m linking with Shadow Shot Sunday 2 – come join the fun!!

10 thoughts on “Shadowy Beach Sightings

  1. Amy Franks

    oh that sandy path looks so inviting. I don’t like it when the sand is boiling hot though, my jandals are always good enough to protect my feet from the heat.

  2. Penelope Notes

    Wow … what lovely rippling shadows the sand and fence make. Haha … I think if any one of us walked twenty-five miles in a day we would be more skinny and tall. 🙂

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