Route 66 Skywatching, Channeling Paul McCartney

Son Logan visited us over the weekend and on Monday I took him back to college. Our little 6′ 3″, 250 pound son is in his final semester (he better be in his final semester) and graduates this Fall. We are really proud of him! Anyway, dropped him and his stuff off, made a visit with the bursar and paid his tuition and fees and headed back to Tulsa.

I took the scenic route on part of it on Route 66. I was hunting down geocaches and doing a ten state Adventure Lab geocache at the same time. Hit the links to find out more about what I’m talking about. First stop was Pops on Route 66. They have a gas station and a huge selection of pop. I got me a selfie cuz I am 66 years old this year on Route 66.

Pops is a stop on the Adventure Lab and it also has a real geocache that I had found previously. Nearby there was another one.

A little bit down the road is the Round Barn of Arcadia, another stop on the Adventure Lab. With an Adventure Lab you don’t find a physical container, you have to answer questions about the stop.

And nearby is minor attraction in Arcadia. Tutons Drug Store. I think it has been closed very years but I love the rock work.

And another stop is an “Auto Trim Museum.” It was closed but I got the information I needed from the gate.

Paul McCartney Sighting

And then this find. Paul McCartney, on his 66th birthday, drove Route 66 with his girlfriend back in 2011. Not being a geocacher the former Beatle got lost and had to stop at a house and ask if if he was still on the Old Road (as Route 66 is called by some.) This was on an “alternate alignment” of Route 66 and I never would have found it if were not for geocaching. I guess great minds think alike.

Washington Irving Camp Site

Another stop was at this marker commemorating a stop Washing Irving made on his travels in Oklahoma way back when. Another bit of info I would have never known if hadn’t been for my sport.

It was close to here while looking for another cache that a couple of sheriff deputies stopped and asked me if I knew that my car tag was almost two years expired. I said no I didn’t. We chatted about that for a while and then they asked what I was doing and I told him all about it. So they said to get the tag renewed cuz they don’t care about it but you get a highway patrolman in a bad mood they have been known to impound your car and leave you standing by the road. (I took care of the tag the next day.)

And then a little later, I stopped at this old gas station from the early in 20 the century. Anyway I had earned the Adventure Labs cache and was a little unnerved by the thought of encountering a highway patrolman in a bad mood so I went on home.

So thanks for sticking with me. Here’s a photo from our vacation looking out the back side of the condo we were staying in. I took my drone but didn’t fly it. We were on the 15th floor so it was kind of like a stationary drone.

I hope everybody is well. I got my third jab yesterday and a flu shot. I’m still being careful and avoiding crowds as much as I can.

I’m linking with Skywatch Friday, come join the fun!!

21 thoughts on “Route 66 Skywatching, Channeling Paul McCartney

  1. Barb

    A fun post, and I like seeing Logan. Glad I didn’t have to bail you out of Jail, Alan! Those were two nice deputies. Bob and I may get our booster next week. We’re still mostly isolating and wear masks whenever we must go inside a public building.

  2. Vicki

    It’s always fun to spend time with your kids when they come for a visit! Looks like you had a very good trip down Route 66. The cop was nice, don’t thing that would happen here. But, 2 years? You’ve been very lucky you haven’t been “copped” way before now.

  3. Hootin' Anni

    Sounds like a true adventure on Route 66. Too bad the “young ones” don’t know the history behind the highway!!

    Congrats to your son & your hobby, geocaching!! (I too was recently stopped by a cop for a burned out brake light…got it fixed the very next day!)

  4. tomthebackroadstraveller

    …Route 66 is my dream trip! When will they start putting up signs to commemorate your stops?

  5. A ShutterBug Explores

    Definitely a scenic and historical post ~ great photos and wondering what Logan’s major is and yes ~ definitely hope he graduates in the Fall ~ College is sooooo expensive ~ Xo

    Living in the moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  6. Angie

    Alan – taking the “back roads” can lead to amazing discoveries! And I had to laugh about your expired tags — we recently realized that I had the same problem with my car!!! Good thing that we don’t have many policemen or patrolmen driving around Montana!

  7. NANCY Chan

    Wonderful to have your son home for the weekend. I like the round barn. A wonderful ride on route 66 with some great shots. Great photo from your holiday condo.

  8. Einari Sinappi

    Nice lil roadtrip and nice set of pics too. I´d love to´take a cruise on the legendary Route66. Great that you got your third shot. Can´t be too carefull these days. Thank you for hosting!

  9. Alana

    Got my flu shot last Wednesday and my 3rd jab this past Wednesday. I’m a little late for my 66th birthday but if this pandemic ever lets up I could do Rt 66 for my 70th year – let’s hope. I enjoyed your post a lot – such interesting buildings, and the Paul McCartney sign was the cherry on top. Congrats in advance to Logan!

  10. bill burke

    What a great trip down old Route 66. I was on that road many years ago but didn’t have a camera then. Glad that you had a good visit with your son before he had to return to college. Thanks for sharing your photos and have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Pat

    Keep up the good work, Logan!

    I love seeing all your Route 66 adventures Yogi. The Paul McCarthy placard is something unique–imagine opening your door and seeing him our your doorstep?

    Glad you did not get a ticket for your expired tag–that reminds me to check mine–thanks!

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