Calling the Hogs

Friday, my wife and I were in a parking lot and came across this bright spot. I was like, What!!

Somebody had an Arkansas Razorbacks plate and it reflected perfectly on the ground. I love it.

I’m helping take care of a monarch way station on Turkey mountain. The stake fence makes for some nice shadows.

I get bored while watering so I made a time lapse video of it.

And the other day while hiking on Turkey Mountain I came across a family of deer grazing including this one coming out of the shadows. I am glad the deer are returning. The mountain has become really popular but the hub bub has died down a little bit and the deer are coming back.

I’m linking with Magical Mystery Teacher’s Shadow Shot Sunday 2. Come join in.

10 thoughts on “Calling the Hogs

  1. Vicki

    The reflection of the plate is so neat!
    A monarch way station? Such a good thing!
    Wow, seeing those deer would have made my week!

  2. Pat

    The license palate reflection is so cool!

    We see lots of deer here–they are always interesting to watch and I never tire of their visits. I am just sad that too many drive fast on our local roads a few fawns were killed this summer 🙁

  3. Lisa

    That license plate reflection is amazing! Have you noticed Monarchs at the way station? I have SO many butterfly plants and few butterflies. I’ve been here 10 years and not one Monarch.

  4. DeniseinVA

    Great catch on the razorback reflection. Always fun to come across a surprise photo op. Applauding on your great work volunteering at the monarch waystation too.

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