I Got a Major Award!!

Hey, I got a package from Amazon! I told my son that I won a major award!! I lied and told him that it said frajili on the cover.

Logan said, so you got a leg lamp?


What, no!! I got something better!!

I got a trail cam!! True confessions, can a major award be something you bought for yourself?


So I installed the 47 batteries, configured all the 94 settings and put it on a tripod to face one of Heather’s bird feeders….. No birds, but lots of crickets!!


So I pivoted it to look at Heather’s other feeder. I sat outside with my book and my iphone. I played wordle, made an instagram post, read a chapter. And the whole time a flock of cardinals was flocking the feeder. And I thought oh boy, I got a bunch of bird pics. So I went to check it out.


And I got this old boomer guy.


I got my other gadget out and flew it front in front of the new gadget and it got picked up.

Right back at you loser trailcam!!

So, do I own my gadgets, or do they own me?

8 thoughts on “I Got a Major Award!!

  1. Angie

    Alan – welcome to my world! Trail cams can be so frustrating! I can’t imagine that the birds were moving faster than the drone … but perhaps quicker than the “old boomer guy”!

  2. Pat

    Yogi you are too funny! I’ve taken cell phone photos on bright days when I can’t see tge screen because of glare and then later I find out my camera had flipped and I was taking phones of myself. I did not know we a Trail Cam could do that too!

  3. DrillerAA

    Yes. Rewards can definitely be something you have purchased for yourself. I have gotten numerous rewards in the mail that were accessories for my cameras. I’m still working on the drone thing. When we lived in Bella Vista and I had woodlands behind the house, a trail camera would have been a most welcome reward. Have a blessed week.

  4. DeniseinVA

    I am leaving laughing! I was hook, line and sinker on the leg lamp. Just an idea, have you thought of wrapping your new trail cam around the trunk of that tree, pointing it in the direction of the feeders? I was wondering if you could get closer. Forgive the nosey parker me. Just trying to get you close enough to see the birds eyeballs, and I obviously have no idea on the layout of your property. Love your drone!!! Yes you can give an award to yourself.

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