Skywatch Friday – The Skies Are Back

So lately our plain jane skies have spiced up a little bit, especially at sunset. So I have been flying my drone quite a bit.


There are even interesting skies on our dog walks.

One day we had a spectacular sunset to the west and…

to the East we got a nearly full Wolf Moon rising.


And a big thank you to Klara. Her excellent moon shots reminded me of my humble Wolf Moon shot for this month. Go check the link and see what she did with the Wolf Moon. Truly Spectacular.

Happy Skywatching to you! I am linking up at Skywatch Friday.

23 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – The Skies Are Back

  1. Pat

    Beautiful sunsets, but the moon photo is extra special with all its detail!

    PS: You can go to both Santa Fe and Denver (and Las Vegas) to visit all the 3 Meow Wolfs as they are all unique! Each venue has different artists making the exhibits and different themes were incorporated. They are certainly places that are both fun and imaginative

  2. sallie rainville

    All of them are so good — I’m glad the sky is back and that you shared it! Thanks for hosting SWF (and I hope some of your good sky luck rubs off, mine have been pretty plain Jane lately.)

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