An Afternoon at Oxley Nature Center


Wednesday here in Oklahoma started cold, about 29F but it was clear and it warmed up nicely and the skies were clear in the afternoon into the 40’s so I bundled up and drove to north Tulsa’s Oxley Nature Center to get some trail time and sunlight.


I took the trail called the North Woods Loop. I have been on this trail dozens of times over the years and hardly ever see anybody. Today there was nobody at all.


The air was crisp and the skies were blue. It was late afternoon and the lowering sun illuminated everything perfectly.


There were lots of dead leaves on the trail which made it hard to walk stealthily.


The sun was brilliant shining through the remaining leaves leaving an impression almost like stained glass.

It was a great day to be out in the woods.

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22 thoughts on “An Afternoon at Oxley Nature Center

  1. Fun60

    No quiet walking with all those dry leaves on the ground. The sky was such a gorgeous shade of blue and you have so many leaves still on the trees.

  2. JM Illinois U.S.A.

    That trail looks absolutely beautiful like a stained glass window in churches. However, it must have been a challenge to walk the path. Thanks for taking us on the cyber tour of Oxley Nature Center in the Fall.

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