Oxley Nature Center – Land Between Water and Sky

The other day I ventured out to Oxley Nature Center. It’s not as popular as Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness but Oxley has its charms. No mountain bikes for one thing, flat trails for another. And lots of water, even during a drought like we are having now.

To me Oxley is defined by the water in its lakes, streams, rivers, marshland and ponds.

So if you like the sky and reflections, you are in the right place. Even if the skies are gray and overcast like they were the day of my visit.

I actually came looking for otters. The staff tells me that the otters have taken over an old beaver lodge and the best time to see them is around 6 am. Well, that isn’t happening. So I take my chances during the day every once in a while.

I love Oxley’s woods and water and proximity to town and its many trails.


And opportunities to take photos.

I even found a geocache on my visit. Finding it was easy but you have to sign the paper log for it to count. This one had a “field puzzle” to solve. They had nine bottles of scents and the combination to the log involved identifying three of the scents and putting them in the correct order. That took a lot of time, for me. But I eventually figured it out even though my sniffer got worn out. Good thing it wasn’t summer when I would be wearing scented bug spray. I loved it, such an original concept for a geocache.

So I had a good time in what seems sometimes like my own private forest preserve. Do you have a secluded place you can go to to get away?

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17 thoughts on “Oxley Nature Center – Land Between Water and Sky

  1. DrillerAA

    Thanks for taking us along. I love that concrete bridge with the stone structure. By the way, are there any fish in those waters and do people take advantage of the opportunity to wet a hook?

  2. Peter B.

    Looks like a wonderful nature center with some great hiking trails. I love the idea of a scent lock, although with my lack of smell I would fail it badly!

  3. Ellen

    Wow, those reflective shots are amazing! Love the creativity of the geocache too. This time of year we don’t get out on many trails. I don’t like cold or wind.

  4. Mascha

    Wonderful atmospheric photos. Looks like a perfect place for me (we have so little water herte around).
    Thanks for sharing .
    Greetings from Germany

  5. Alana

    I enjoyed your reflections – I’m quite used to dreary late fall and winter skies where I live in New York State. And you still have a little fall color. My world may be white by Sunday – certainly by the end of next week, so I will enjoy your bare ground.

  6. Eileen

    Hello Alan,
    The nature center looks like a great place for a hike. The reflection images and duck captures are wonderful.
    Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend!

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