Shadow Shot Sunday – Bird, Squirrel, and Gym


My trailcam captured this house finch in our backyard feeder one late afternoon.


This squirrel’s flamboyant tail was captured early one recent morning.


And I was at the gym, cooling down after my workout and the afternoon sun was leaving warm shadows on a cold day.

I’m linking with Shadow Shot Sunday 2 by the Magical Mystery Teacher.

8 thoughts on “Shadow Shot Sunday – Bird, Squirrel, and Gym

  1. Alana

    Oh, that squirrel and his/her tail shadow! As much of a nuisance that they are, I end up forgiving them. How can you resist watching them?

  2. DrillerAA

    With spring just around the corner, I will soon be putting out the bird bath. I remove the feeders and let them forage for themselves during the spring and summer. Hopefully, I have fewer insects that way. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking.

  3. Citu

    Es muy lindo que les dejes agua a los animales. Gracias por preocuparte de mi salud. Ya estoy mejor. Muy pronto publicaré de nuevo. Te mando un beso

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