Gray Days on Turkey Mountain

Went on another hike on Turkey Mountain. Right at the trailhead I saw this handsome bad boy. A Toyota Tacoma pickup heavy duty everything including a snorkel for the engine, beefed up bumper up front with extra lighting, tires that cost a mint. A very nice rig. And look the tires have a little dirt on them. Most overlanders I see are spotless.

The skies were gray on Sunday afternoon. That’s okay, I’ll take whatever kind of sky there is as long as the trails are not muddy.

Turkey Mountain has lots and lots of rocks!!

And lots of ponds. I learned something last year during a wildlife tour. The ponds are stocked every year with fish, which is great. Also, there is an active beaver population on the mountain but they are not spread out to all the ponds. They pretty much stay at one pond until they eat all the fish and then they travel overland to another pond to eat its fish. For some reason I think that is hilarious.

I used a combination of the new fancy trails and the some of the smaller, less known legacy trails. I was kind of hoping that I would see some deer but I did not.

Here is a smaller trail with some heavy duty rock armoring to prevent erosion. I think the people that run Turkey Mountain are shifting over to some smaller trails to accommodate those of us who like to travel on foot.

The trees are wild without their leaves. I love the trees in any of the season.

Here is a new windy trail that I encountered while heading back to the parking lot. I got a ways then oops, I found out it was not open yet. My bad. I try and follow all the rules.

Back at the parking lot at the trail head. Everybody had gone home and it started misting. I love weather like this.

Here is my route. The inner loop is where I hoped to find deer. I’ve learned that when there are not too many people, the deer will move north along the center of the circle. Not that day though!!


All told, despite the gray skies, I had a lovely time.

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20 thoughts on “Gray Days on Turkey Mountain

  1. Peter B.

    It’s nice to see an off-road rig that actually gets used off road! I love those lichen-covered rocks. Never seen such thick coverage before.

  2. Carol

    Looks like you had fun on Turkey Mountain – I don’t like the misty scene at the end because that kind of cold weather makes me ache – I like looking at the photo of course

  3. Eileen

    The snorkel on the truck is weird. I love trees too, the lichen is pretty. Nice trail!
    We have had a lot of gray sky days here too.
    Take care, have a great day and a happy weekend!

  4. Alana

    I learned a lot from your post. First, your winter scenery on Turkey Mountain looks so much like ours in the Southern Tier of New York (and if I only went out when the sky wasn’t grey I would rarely be outside between November and April, lol) Second, I discovered why certain vehicles need snorkels (I looked it up) obviously I don’t off road. Third, about beavers. I thought beavers were strict vegetarians, but there are a number of videos online showing beavers eating fish. They will, apparently, although it is not their preferred food. See what a person can learn by watching the sky?

  5. Jennifer Jilks

    I quite like your mountain!
    We’re still fighting the gun range. The peer review is out, and it states exactly what I stated at the town meeting, confirming that the acoustic study sucked eggs! I’ll post on this tomorrow.

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