White Pelicans and More on the RiverParks Trails

I went on a bike ride the other day on Tulsa’s RiverParks trails. I generally like to take one of my better cameras on the rides in hopes of capturing some critters.


I saw a great blue heron and took a photo through the vegetation along the shoreline.

Later on, on I came across this rookery of American White Pelicans on a sandbar out on the river.


There were a bunch of them and they were very skittish as I walked around trying to get a photo through the trees and brush so I didn’t try and work my way to the riverbank to get better photos. I figured they would all split if I tried that.


So I moved back and forth trying to see what I could do. These are not too bad.


They always seem to be on the wrong side of the river from me but this time they were right by me.


Here is a photo of me from my go pro clone camera on my bike. I guess I could have tried to not be so bright and yellow.

And by the way, I saw more evidence of beavers along the river.

And now on the home front. This is Lizzie the Kitten. She is no longer a kitten but she is still very sweet.

And earlier this week it was National Puppy Day. I celebrated by chasing our Pomeranian puppy Kodi around the house with a broom. He and I both had fun. Please don’t think less of me.

I wore the little guy out. He kind of hops around now when I get the broom out wanting to play some more.

I’m linking with Saturday’s Critter’s. Go check it out!

10 thoughts on “White Pelicans and More on the RiverParks Trails

  1. Eileen

    Kodi does look worn out, but I am sure he had fun. Love the White Pelicans and the Heron, great sightings.
    Lizzie looks cute, great photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  2. Lavender Dreams

    I expected to see YOU lying on the floor! hahaha! How neat to see the Pelicans. We expect to see them here in Florida but I’m surprised to see them there! Happy weekend!

  3. Ellen

    I wonder if the pelicans stay in that area or if they’re on their way to Harriman State Park in Idaho. I always think it’s amazing that they can take flight with those huge bodies. I think it’s good you’re in bright yellow so that people can see you better when you’re on the bike. Poor little Kodi getting harassed with the broom. We have to take Aspen outside when the vacuum comes out or else she will spend hours shivering in her crate.

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