Philbrook Gardens – Shadows and the secret location of the only Philbrook Geocache ever

Sharp Shadows from a bench on a sunny day.

Complex Patters on a swing

Sculptures of Sheep grazing contentedly on the lawn.

Leaves casting a shadow on a sidewalk

And now a reveal. This is the site of Philbrook’s only geocache from years ago. It has been disabled for years. It was a complicated multicache that would take a lot of time but lazy old me thought it out. Most museums are very protective of their gardens and don’t want nasty deet smelling geocachers tramping through their exhibits, dismantling light fixtures, and climbing trellises, fences, and art work so I thought of two places where the fusty but fun museum staff would deem safe enough for geocaching. And I was right! I found it 13 years ago, read all about it here. Oh, don’t bother looking for it if you visit Philbrook, it is long gone.

11 thoughts on “Philbrook Gardens – Shadows and the secret location of the only Philbrook Geocache ever

  1. Alana

    My favorite shadow also was the one from the swing. I looked at the post you linked to and the tree statues would definitely have fooled me on a late autumn day.

  2. DrillerAA

    Nicely done. The shadows of the leaves on the sidewalk actually has a calming, cooling effect on the viewer. Some of the trails around Bentonville have those black metal benches you captured in the first image. I use one on them when I walk one of the dogs from the animal shelter. They get awfully warm in the sun but are a welcome stop when in the shade. Have a blessed week Yogi.

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