Shadow Shot Sunday – Dogs and Cardio Drumming

Another fence shadow with our Pomeranian Kodi and Me!

Shadows on a nice fall day in the courtyard at the gym for some cardio drumming. That’s my wife way at the end, Heather leading the class. She makes it a good workout and fun.

In 45 minutes I burn about 420 calories or so.

I am linking with Shadow Shot Sunday 2

7 thoughts on “Shadow Shot Sunday – Dogs and Cardio Drumming

  1. Sallie

    Wow that’s an exercise regimen I’ve never heard of… we do have lots of drummers and drum circles in Eugene. Sounds like fun and a great workoutg.

  2. Alana

    I’m not sure we have any cardio drumming where I live – it looks like a lot of fun and I could use a 420 calorie workout. Loved those shadows in the cardio class, too.

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