Shadows on the Trail

Saturday I took a short walk on a bicycle path to look for a geocache.

Across this funky enclosed bridge across Mooser Creek.

Next to this tree bunch casting some cool afternoon shadows.

The cache is somewhere in the rocks to the left of the tree. Ididn’t find the cache. It’s about the third time I’ve looked. Everybody else is finding it pretty easily. Oh well, I had a nice walk.

I’m linking with Shadow Shot Sunday 2.

12 thoughts on “Shadows on the Trail

  1. Vicki

    Love the shadows, especially the ones from the bridge. Why can’t I ever find such neat shadows? Guess I’m going to have to widen my search area.

  2. Ellen

    That bridge is certainly well protected. Nobody is going to accidentally or intentionally fall off of it.

    Sunny, Fall days are my favorite. You’ll find the cache next time!

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