Skywatch Friday – The Big Warmup

We’ve had a warm spell lately and life is glorious now. I can fly my drone without it going all “Danger Will Robinson” on me.

We have had a contractor replacing our backyard fence in something besides a rainy/snowy/icy windstorm.

I was able to go hiking without risking hypothermia.

And I went on a long bike ride Monday along the Arkansas River. It was crowded, every old retired guy in town had the same idea and were out cruising the river in their cargo shorts.

So yep, this week has been good. How about yours!

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20 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – The Big Warmup

  1. Alana

    We may have a little bit of a warmup (Southern Tier of New York) next week but the big news is that we are also supposed to have some sun. I miss those days of no hypothermia. Enjoyed all your pictures but especially the first and last ones.

  2. DeniseinVA

    Your Wil Robinson crack made me laugh. I was a big fan of that show, he old one and the new series. Enjoyed your photos, and your new fence is going to look great.

  3. Peter B.

    Nice to see your warm weather shots. Rain here in S CA (that’s a good thing). I’m guessing that fence isn’t going to be cheap. The cost of lumber is outrageous these days!

  4. Amy

    So you didn’t have to pay for the fence? That’s awesome cos they can get expensive, been a good week here so far.

  5. Lisa

    What a lovely shot that last is. New fences are so nice. I had most put in when I moved here, but that was 2011, and I wasn’t here to see the low quality wood he used.

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