Weekend Reflections – Bright Shiny Things


Last Sunday morning Sweetie and I left SuperPizzaBoy at home so he could read poetry, listen to music and ponder important thoughts play video games. (No we didn’t go to church, we were total sinners and didn’t feel bad about it either. I know that we are on your prayer list.) Oh, sorry, I got off track. We went to a local nursery to shop for plants.


At least Sweetie was shopping for plants. I brought my camera along and was taking pictures. Taking pictures (cuz I’m not a photographers, I don’t capture images, I take pictures) of the plants but also…


of the bright shiny stuff they have for sale there. I just can’t believe that let people like me take pictures for free.


I just love it. I also think its a case of bloggernomics. You don’t know what bloggernomics is? Here is a lesson. See all those bright shiny balls below. I don’t know how much each string of baubles is but if you are a blogger...


You get all of them for free!!!! That’s bloggernomics.


It applies to multiple flats of flowers or


a whole pile of reflective balls. And as a bonus you don’t have to haul them out to the car, or unload, and then haul to the back yard. Or water them, or replace them after hail storms or any of that other stuff that comes with the concept of “owning” things.


Is that a win/win or what?


And when we were all done I was happy, and so was Sweetie. Here she is watering the flowers we put in at her mother Nana’s house (World’s greatest MIL in case you are wondering who Nana is.) Look at Sweetie’s big smile.


Nana was happy also, and so was SuperPizzaBoy! No telling what he did at the house while we were gone. I don’t want to know. Trust me.


So, do have any good examples of bloggernomics?

Weekend Reflections

19 thoughts on “Weekend Reflections – Bright Shiny Things

  1. Jeanie

    I like your reasoning about the wealth of shiny things you found at the nursery and the way you brought them home.

  2. Sylvia K

    I love your photos!!! All of them! And you’ve started my day with a smile and a giggle and that’s always great!! Wonderful reflections and gorgeous flowers! Hope you have another FUN weekend!!!


    I would’ve gotten lost in all those shiny baubles, lovely pictures (all of them) and all for free! (The best kind of bloggernomics or economics period)

  4. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    I love everything about this post. Everything. From where you went (and where you didn’t) to the wonderful pictures and to the concept of blogernomics which is a wonderful word for something I think about all the time. And I’ve often thought the same thing about garden/flower shops…they should charge me!

    Also I love that SPB is getting so independent….I remember (way back in the last century) how cool it was when we could leave the kids alone for short times. (and how we definitely didn’t want to know what they did while we were gone.)

  5. Leedslass

    I too love garden centres but (here I go again Yogi) I’m not enthused by the latest fashion of having “basket” hanging baskets. I much prefer the metal ones which disappear in the foliage.

  6. Erika Price

    Love your pictures, and especially the ones of all those shiny things! I love garden centres too, though I never thought of taking my camera with me 🙂

  7. 'Tsuki

    The chalk message is so so so cute !!! You had such a enjoyable day… I love your spheres picture : very impressive reflections !

  8. EG CameraGirl

    Bloggernomics make total good sense to me. I know people who collect bears, figurines, dolls…but I collect photos. I like that they fit into such a small space. 🙂

  9. Jennifer A. Jilks

    You know, in 10 years it won’t matter what pizza boy did!
    My middle child turned 30 yesterday. I cannot believe it! He lives in Vancouver and I’ve seen him once in 2.5 years. My daughter and I are planning to visit him in his new show next month.
    I love the idea: bloggernomics. Wonderful sharing.

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