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Weekend Reflections – Bright Shiny Things


Last Sunday morning Sweetie and I left SuperPizzaBoy at home so he could read poetry, listen to music and ponder important thoughts play video games. (No we didn’t go to church, we were total sinners and didn’t feel bad about it either. I know that we are on your prayer list.) Oh, sorry, I got off track. We went to a local nursery to shop for plants.


At least Sweetie was shopping for plants. I brought my camera along and was taking pictures. Taking pictures (cuz I’m not a photographers, I don’t capture images, I take pictures) of the plants but also…


of the bright shiny stuff they have for sale there. I just can’t believe that let people like me take pictures for free.


I just love it. I also think its a case of bloggernomics. You don’t know what bloggernomics is? Here is a lesson. See all those bright shiny balls below. I don’t know how much each string of baubles is but if you are a blogger...


You get all of them for free!!!! That’s bloggernomics.


It applies to multiple flats of flowers or


a whole pile of reflective balls. And as a bonus you don’t have to haul them out to the car, or unload, and then haul to the back yard. Or water them, or replace them after hail storms or any of that other stuff that comes with the concept of “owning” things.


Is that a win/win or what?


And when we were all done I was happy, and so was Sweetie. Here she is watering the flowers we put in at her mother Nana’s house (World’s greatest MIL in case you are wondering who Nana is.) Look at Sweetie’s big smile.


Nana was happy also, and so was SuperPizzaBoy! No telling what he did at the house while we were gone. I don’t want to know. Trust me.


So, do have any good examples of bloggernomics?

Weekend Reflections

Hey it’s Christmas

It’s Christmastime at the Yogi’s. We got the tree down and put it up. It’s all prewired which is wonderful. As long as it works. Sweetie and SuperPizzaBoy are in charge of decorating the tree except for the most important ornament.


It goes up first. For some years now I’ve wanted it to be at the top of the tree. Lots of people put stars at the top. In fact I put it up there and down it goes. Sweetie has a very nice angel that goes on top instead of the star.


Sweetie’s angel is very nice but what do you think of my angels? You can tell that they like stars. They got them all over their outfits. I bet they would vote to put the star on top of the tree.

Cowboy's Cheerleaders

Actually, you know how women team up. I think they would vote with Sweetie.


Sweetie has lots of ornaments that remind of Christmas’s past. This is SuperPizzaBoy way back when.


Now look at him!


We also have an ornament with Sweetie’s Dad, “Boompa.” This will be the fifth Christmas without him. We all miss him very much. Nobody loved Christmas more than Boompa.

Snowman Family

Sweetie loves snowmen. We have lots of them, especially in sets of three. Its kind of a symbol of our family.

Snowman Family 2

Except, the littlest snowman is going to be bigger than the other two here anytime.


Anyways, its Christmas and you know the rule. As far as I’m concerned though, I wish the person holding the sign would read it herself. Just saying.


Not everybody is so happy about Christmas as we are.

I hope that everybody has a great Christmas!

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