Signs, Signs- Deep Downtown Tulsa

I get off work at 6 pm so it is pretty much dark when I get off work these days. So I’ve been seeking out some neon signs on the way home.


I really like the Atlas Life Building’s Sign. I just wish they could light up the globe that Atlas is straining to hold up.


If you back up a little bit on Boston Avenue it makes Tulsa look like a regular city. Tulsa already has their snowflake Christmas lights up.


Even the building next to my parking space looks metropolitan.


Speaking of globes the Tulsa World’s sign lights up the globe and the globe even rotates.


For those who are overwhelmed by the prospect of holding up the world they can go drown their troubles at Orphas. Tulsa highest class dive bar.

Signs, Signs

19 thoughts on “Signs, Signs- Deep Downtown Tulsa

  1. Pat

    Very cools signs. I see what you mean about the first one. It would be nice if the globe lit up. Maybe you should tell them!

  2. Danielle

    These are great night time city shots!!! I am taking a workshop in two weeks on night photography….and of course our town already has Christmas lights up also.

  3. AVCr8teur

    I have not seen downtown Tulsa before. I don’t like getting off work in the dark, but it gives you a different perspective of the area than you’re used to during the day.

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