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Signs – Automobile Alley in Oklahoma City

I was in Oklahoma City late last month at a conference. I took a few pics of the Christmas Lights on Automobile Alley. The area also has several great old school neon signs.


Not only old school signs but old school businesses. Nice to see an urban restoration without Old Navy or Kohls.


This is my favorite. I love the big long looping glass coils that make up the image.


This probably isn’t really neon, but what the heck it is a great regional chain and the pizza is wonderful. I recommend the barbecue chicken pizza. It’s delish. They also have a great gluten free crust available.

Have you seen any good signs lately? Do you have a good pizza joint? I’m needing to know stuff like that?

Hey also, any instagrammers out there? Have you cancelled your account yet? I sure have. I think this may go down as a MBA case study on how to destroy a business one day. Or maybe they’ll back off a little and this will all blow over. Any good alternatives out there? I’m suffering mightily from Instagram withdrawal. Don’t judge me if I go crawling back! I am not worried about the privacy concerns. I mean if you want things to be private don’t be uploading  it to the internet, right, duh. I’m concerned on how they are going to use my poorly lit, out of focus, photos of my new shoes. 

Signs, Signs

Signs, Signs- Deep Downtown Tulsa

I get off work at 6 pm so it is pretty much dark when I get off work these days. So I’ve been seeking out some neon signs on the way home.


I really like the Atlas Life Building’s Sign. I just wish they could light up the globe that Atlas is straining to hold up.


If you back up a little bit on Boston Avenue it makes Tulsa look like a regular city. Tulsa already has their snowflake Christmas lights up.


Even the building next to my parking space looks metropolitan.


Speaking of globes the Tulsa World’s sign lights up the globe and the globe even rotates.


For those who are overwhelmed by the prospect of holding up the world they can go drown their troubles at Orphas. Tulsa highest class dive bar.

Signs, Signs

Tulsa Route 66 Neon Signs

Who doesn’t love neon signs? What used to seem cheap and tacky is now cool.


I’ve loved the Meadow Gold sign here in Tulsa since it was put back up a few years ago. I didn’t realize until last night that I had never seen it lit up at night. I can’t believe it. I’ve been thinking of a good reason to not be  on daylight savings time during the Winter all my life and now I finally found one. Do you happen to have another?

Meadow Gold Sign

This is what it looks like during the day, nice but not the same.


Right down the road is El Rancho Grande. I’ve never eaten there but if the food is a good as the sign them I’m missing out.


What a sign! I love that long looping lasso that also forms the “El” part of the name. And the Arrow, just in case you are wondering where the restaurant is the arrow is telling you that it is right next to the sign. I wonder how the margaritas are?

Corrgated Metal Reflection

And a bonus, right where I parked my car while taking pictures of the restaurant sign, an out of luck edgy business using corrugated metal in their storefront. Not as cool as neon, but I love the neon reflections.

Have you seen any good signs lately?
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Wednesday Signs – Pike Street Market’s Neon Signs

Back to Seattle, sorry. The big tourist destination on the waterfront in Seattle is Pike Street Market. It buzzes all day every day and shuts down completely at 6 PM. Everybody talks about the fish. And yes there is fish everywhere.


I loved the neon signs. They are everywhere and they are big and brash. There is lots going on so they have to be seen. No sign is seen better than a neon sign.


Signs, Signs

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Signs – Lighting it Up

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I run with two Ipods now. An antiquated Nano for music and a newer Touch for taking pictures (cuz I’m a picture taker not a photographer). I happened by this plant a week or so ago on a morning run just as the sun had come up.

I’ve always admired the old school giant neon signs of PSO’s Tulsa Power Station right on the Arkansas River, especially the script “Electricity in big red letters just so we know what is going on there. Its from a different era where utilities promoted themselves a little more aggressively.

Signs, Signs